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Wanting to switch birth centers +45 minute difference

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Okay so I'm really just looking for some validation. That my birth is WORTH the drive.


Birth center A is where I delivered my first daughter. We moved however and it is now an 1.5 hour drive without traffic and it's STRAIGHT through Houston (I would have just said the city but I know Houston is different from most cities lol) So the chance of traffic is HUGE. I could possibly circle around the city if it's during a rush time but that's still suburbs and the chance is still very possibly that it could take us over 2 hours if I go into labor during the wrong time. However the birth center is basically two houses that have been renovated to accomadate an office in one and birthing rooms in the other. So the birthing house is 2 bedrooms with huge tubs, a cozy living room, and a full kitchen.So I can have my family visit like last time, take a shower after delivery, and even have a casserole popped into the oven when I start pushing. And I feel comfortable with those midwives. I trust them, I know them. (I'm friends with the one who delivered my first!)


Birth Center B is about 45 minutes to an hour and almost no chance of traffic. They have decent birthing rooms but they aren't neccesarily homey. The midwife I haven't been 100% comfortable with but I needed to get blood work done early so i went ahead and went for it. She's already giving me sideways looks for having lost 1 pound between my visits even though I explained I lost 10 in the first tri with my daughter and every woman in my family does the same. She freaked us out for measuring a fetal pole at 8 weeks instead of the blob that was clearly the baby and it took us hours to relax and realize that the baby was fine despite her mess up. There is no space for my family to come in and visit and there's no kitchen. I don't really see how I can even hang out after delivery for a few hours She is taking great care of my concerns about low progesterone and miscarriage. I personally love that she's running a test every time without me asking so far just to make sure that my progesterone IS rising now that I'm on the medicine. 



But it doesn't feel the same. I realize now that my first birth felt like a home birth, just not in my own home. That's what I loved about it. And this birth center does NOT feel like home. It's much closer to a doctors office/hospital. Not to mention I definitely trust my old midwives more.


My only issue is the drive. I will have to pay $3600 for birth center a vs nothing for B since they accept medicaid but I know the owner will let me extend payments past the birth and I can work with her.  I talked to the mw that delivered my first and she said she had two moms in the last two months that came from almost 3 hours away. 


My first was about 10 hours from contractions to delivery. I know that if I come early I'll be able to hang out in the living room until I'm dialated enough. I'll be doing hypnobabies so hopefully I can survive the drive. My husband is okay with it as he just wants me to be comfortable.


What do you ladies think? Sorry it's so long! 

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That's a hard one! Personally, because B is so close, can you labor at home for as long as possible and get extremely close to having a homebirth with the safety of the birth center? You can always bring things to make it more homey... And someone can pop a casserole in at your house because it is so close!

I personally would be anxious about the traffic. You have no idea what your second labor is going to look like and I would want to remove that stress!
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That is a tough call- but you really don't know what your second birth will be like.  My first was a week of prodromal labor, with 15 hours of hard labor.  My second was 15 hours from first contraction until birth.  My third was about 5 hours from start to finish- and I didn't realize how quickly it was going, by the time I got to the birth center I had dd in less than an hour.  She was born on the bathroom floor, b/c she came that quick.  I had no idea I was that close to giving birth and once my water broke she was born in less than 2 minutes.  I had a 15 minute drive to the birth center and it was agony.  You'd probably have to get in the car and drive over there at the first sign of contractions.  But I totally get wanting to give birth where you're comfortable and with people who you really like.  That is important.  It's not like B is that close of a drive either, so either way you have a long car ride.

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We are so far away from everything. It's AT LEAST 30 minutes to the nearest hospital, closer to 45 for the one I trust. Ive fantasized about just "oops" homebirth but I don't really feel comfortable with that with emergency care so far away. And it takes EMTs that long to get here as well. =(

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kateaton, it wasn't exactly a short drive with my daughter either, 30 minutes. I am going to do hypnobabies this time so I hope I could handle the car ride by relaxing. But i know you ladies are right, Never know what my birth could be like. 

My friend just delivered her twins in 4 hours. Only in labor for 2 at the hospital.

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Just looked it up, we could also stay at my parents as it gets closer and be 30 minutes closer. Which makes it the same distance + the possibility of traffic as the other center.



And if it weren't SO far away from anywhere my husband would find a job I have a place I could stay that is only 15 minutes away! lol Makes me want to make him look for jobs up there!

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I would work with the midwives you know and the place you like... To me that is more important. For our first we drove 80 miles to our BC ... The chances of Laborite during rush hours are not that great... And we get we could make it work... You could go that day to your folks and wait until you are sure...
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Hmmmm... that is a really hard one!  One the one hand, I'd want to be with midwives that I felt comfortable with because I wouldn't want to go into a birth feeling insecure about that.  But on the other hand, I would hate the idea of having to drive so far while in labor and would fear giving birth on the way!  With my first baby, labor was 28 hours of back labor.  It was intense right from the beginning and when we finally went to the birth center, I was only 3 cm.  With our second, we used another birth center that was an hour away.  Other people were worried about that, but I wasn't. I figured that I was in labor for 28 hours so even if i spent only half the amount of time in labor, that would still be 12 hours - plenty of time to get there!  Luckily, I went into labor in the middle of the night so there was no traffic and we treated stop lights like stop signs.  But, I gave birth 30 minutes after arriving!  I did hypnobabies with my 2nd (not my first) and that made the labor easier, faster, and harder for me to know how far along I was because I was so comfortable.  My labor was only 3 1/2 hours from star to finish and I only pushed for 4 minutes.  My 3rd we did hypnobabies too and same thing - very fast labor, didn't realize it was REALLY labor until about an hour and a half before she was born.  So given my history now, I would not birth anywhere more than 30 minutes away, but it is hard knowing ahead of time how long labor will be.  Maybe if you really feel like you'd be more comfortable with the farther away midwives to look up how to deliver a baby in a car, just in case, lol!  It is unlikely to happen of course, but maybe that would make you feel prepared for anything?  

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Glad you have a happy solution in being able to stay with your parents, close to that birth center! Yay!:joy

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