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Avi is not even 5 months yet and we are planning on waiting until 6 months for solids but I'm starting to think about it.
Avocados are usually good first foods but my husband is allergic (not anaphalactic just diarhea.) He has the same reaction if he eats more than a little egg. I have been eating both things while nursing and haven't noticed a reaction. Does that mean she'll not be allergic? I'm going to ask her doctor at her 6 month appointment too.
I nannied and fed both homemade and organic jarred food to the babies but only fruits and veggies and baby cereal. We get WIC and since I'm breastfeeding will be getting jarred meats too. Has anyone fed babies jarred meat? It sort of grosses me out.
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We have been doing baby led weaning (really "self feeding", not weaning) since the twins started showing the Dr Sears signs of readiness. They aren't eating much, but we've tried bananas, sweet potatoes, carrot, winter squash, avocado, oatmeal, pinto beans... That's all I can think of, but there may be more. I don't know about your allergy questions. If it's a mild reaction in your husband, I might try it in the morning (so you don't miss an allergy while avis in bed) and just a little at first. We're also vegetarian, so we will be skipping the jarred meats. Good luck! I am really entertained by the twins' adventures in food stuff.
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When my DDs were babies in the late 90s, we started out with rice cereal at 4 mo, and did mostly baby food jars (I don't even think organic labeling had begun yet then..?) with soft, unsalted table foods as well. We did use the jarred meat, and I did think it was kinda weird. It's not gross tasting, just bland. I tasted everything I gave them, cause if I wouldn't want to eat it, I wasn't about to give it to my baby! Neither of the girls had a big appetite for much of anything besides breastmilk, so mostly they just tasted a little and a whole lot of baby food went down the disposal.

When my 2yo was a baby, we did baby led weaning. He started really reaching for food and seemed pretty ready somewhere between 5 and 6 months, so we began giving him stuff like avocado, banana, potato, beans...eggs at some point. I think we really let him have just about everything as long as it was a whole food, unsalted, and very soft. We did end up using jars of organic baby food in addition to homemade foods because he had such a huge appetite and they were handy in a pinch. I don't think we ever bought meats, but we eat very little meat nowadays, so it didn't seem like a natural thing to include. I did give him finely chopped bits of soft meats when we had them.

In your case I'd probably give avocado a try and see how she responds. It sounds like his allergy, while unpleasant, isn't a huge deal. If she has similar issues you will find out soon and avoid that food. Maybe start with something else, like banana, so you can see how she responds to solids in general before trying the avocado?

We haven't given A any solids yet. He's grabbing at our food and showing some interest, and he just got two teeth(!), but at just 5 months he's not sitting well yet and I think we're still going to wait a bit longer.
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Mrsandmrs: that's great advice to try the possible allergenic food in the morning. Thanks! Baby led feeding looks fun! We'll probably do it some as well as pureed food since we'll be getting it free. I'm still not sure about the meet. I eat meat less than once a day.
Jennyanydots, I don't think A is ready either. She doesn't sit up well yet and seems satisfied with breastmilk for now. Its funny how the feeding recommendations keep changing.
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