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Emotional Rant

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I don't mean weak, physically, but emotionally.


I tend to be a very strong person, and independant.


The past month I have been feeling needy and insignificant. We're in the middle of remodeling the house before baby Lily comes, and I get that the partner is tired, but I feel like my needs aren't being met.


We've had virtually no intimacy, and last night, Valentine's Day, he had nothing planned. Correction, he wanted to go to a hockey game...


That's...not...no..just, no.


This is our first VD together, an dhe said he believes in celbrating love on all days, not just one in particulatar, which I get and can respect. However, some form of...affection, dinner reservations (we go out, typically to the same places) to try a new place, actually sitting to watch a  movie and just be together, anything.


However, I felt low.


We did end up going out and having a pretty good time, but when we got home, we finally DTD for the first time...


To put it easily and bluntly, I felt cheap, literally, Wham Bam, Thank You Ma'am.


I ended up taking a shower and crying myself to sleep in another bed because I felt dirty and used.


Honestly, I don't know if I am just being overly emotional, or if it might be something else.


Also, my work seems to want to fire me.


I've made mention to a few people here that with the lack of FMLA and only qulalifying for 2 weeks admin leave doesn't seem sufficient, especially for a FTM, I may not be returning to work.


The past week they've been bringing in temps to interview for this position, and also, a lady who's worked here previously. Now, I've only said this to two people, neither of which have any sort of control or pull, who may or may not have said anything.


I find it strange though that I went from a verbal coaching to a final written in less than a month without any previous documentation. They hit me with three things here and will be reviewing me again on the 19th.


It seems like their gunning me.


At this point, I am scared, confused and just miserable.

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I don't have any advice. I'm just so sorry you're feeling all this. Pregnancy can definitely leave you feeling very vulnerable and then with added stresses.... It makes sense. Have you tried talking to DP?

Anyway, mostly just hugs that you're dealing with all this.
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What is DTD?

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DTD is "Do the Deed"--have sex ;)

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