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Feeling angry a lot these days.

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Not sure if this is just those dastardly hormones that I keep reading about. Really hoping it is. I get so angry with my partner lately. Just my partner. It's like everything he does is just not meeting my expectations. The doubt about doing this together, whether he's the right man for me after all (we've been together for almost 6 years, and I honestly love him to pieces! I think... ;)) etc, etc etc. 
I think there's something wrong with me. I'm going to look into get a therapist on Monday. I can't stay angry for months on end. 
Who else is ANGRY!?

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Earlier in pregnancy, I was angry a LOT.  My co-worker did the most stuff that I got angry about, but a lot of the time I was just angry for no reason at all.  DH was really great.  I would just tell him that I was angry for no real reason, and he didn't take it personally if I was a little grumpy with him.  It is amazing to me how admitting and apologizing when I am being irrational has always helped with him.  Especially since I stopped working (lowering me stress level a TON), I have been way less angry.  I have had some other irrational emotions, but am no longer walking around mad all the time for no reason.

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Anger is an emotion I'm not used to feeling. Yes, totally irrational. Well, not totally, but the response to the situation and my holding onto the anger was irrational. 
Today I realized all I needed was to feel loved, and heard. His response at my grumpiness is to avoid me, which only digs me deeper into my negative spiral. Now knowing that I need to ask for things that I know will take care of me, hopefully I can learn to negate that onslaught of intensity. 
Thanks for sharing, Mattie! :stillheart

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I have no advice but I feel the same way. I can say that it has gotten better but I am still not my normal self (at 14 weeks).


I was feeling like my partner could literally not do anything right. I was questioning him and feeling like he wasn't being everything I needed him to be. I do see some truth to my feelings though and I refuse to write them off as just hormones. I think my partner could be a little bit more appreciative of me and care about my needs more. That being said, I need to be a little nicer ;) It's so hard when you can hear yourself being angry and you just cant stop it!

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