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This is our 3rd pregnancy, first 2 were c-sections. I have full uterine didelphys (2 uteri, 2 cervix and 2 vaginal openings). We got pregnant with this baby only 5 months after baby #2 was born. I see a high risk doctor and get frequent ultrasounds. My last was 3 weeks ago. I saw my OBGYN last week and stated my concerns, she asked how often it felt like this and when I answered her... never said another word! She did not even try to tell me it was nothing. My high risk said to keep an eye out for: swelling, previous scar pain, bleeding, fluid leaking, etc. Anyways, I have been experiencing scar pain recently. It's been getting more often and worse. Yesterday, I took a shower and it honestly felt like the water was hitting a more fresh c-section scar (like after you've started to heal from a c-section but it's still tender). Then, today, it's been this pinching/stinging/pulling feeling almost constantly. It does not hurt very bad but it is bothering me and starting to worry me. Do I call the doctor and state my concerns, again? I only see my high risk doctor for ultrasounds so he probably couldn't do anything for me and I don't have another appointment for him to check on me until 34 weeks (we're 31 right now). My next OB appointment isn't until next week =\ I'm just worried because the high risk doc mentioned uterine rupture is a possibility. Yikes! I never felt this with baby #2 but we had waited 1.5 years before even getting pregnant. I'm I just being silly and this is completely normal?


DISCLAIMER: I know you guys are not doctors, I am just asking what you would do (and to maybe help ease my fears). If the pain persists then I am going to be calling my OB tomorrow but their office isn't open until then.

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I think I would call the high risk doc since the first didn't seem to do much, they may contact your OB, but I would start there :(

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Im sorry you're going through this! [[Hugs]] I don't have much knowledge or experience with what you're talking about specifically but I did want to say that you deserve a doctor who listens to you AND adresses your concerns and the topics you bring up. In the situation which you described with your OBGYN, if you could go back in time I would suggest you to be more bold and direct with him/her and make sure they told you something even if it was "I don't know." But not saying anything is a pretty bad sign of a bad doctor IMO. So now that you only have the present, my advice would be yes, call the doctor (either the one who's opinion you value the most, or call both of them) tell them about your scar pain and be persistent until they are able to give you an answer that you are satisfied with. For example they may say "oh that type if sensitivity is actually cause by this...and it's nothing to worry about." Or they may say, "yes that is a symptom that we should look further into and I have some questions for you... here are some tests we can run..." ect ect ect. Ya know what i mean?? Just something like that that acknowledges what you have said and gives a clear course of action. That is your right! Don't worry about making your needs known and insuring that you and your baby get the care you need. smile.gif

FYI, I'm saying this because I am naturally a people-pleaser and come from a place where it is hard for me to communicate to others that I need something from them, and would have a hard time with situation with your doc so I am writing from a sympathetic standpoint andgiving you the "pep talk" that I would give to myself in this case. Lol. Hope it helps! Let us know what happens...
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Thanks ladies =] I'll be calling today as soon as the kids are down for a nap so it's quiet. I'm very shy in person so when I do speak up and people ignore me, it kind of makes it 10X worse and I just give up and stop talking =\ ugh! It's probably nothing but I'd like to be sure... she could of at least said "oh it's nothing to worry about, it's normal" or something, ya know?! This is our first time with this doctor. With both of our girls, we had the same doctor in a birthing center and LOVED the entire experience but she moved... so we had to find a new doctor.

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