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PMS or pregnancy?

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Hi, im 17 years old, I just signed up. This wrek I've been feeling extremely exhausted which is causing me to get mood swings. It happens all the time. No matter how much I sleep. I get nauseated sometimes, light cramps and craving but im confused whether is PMS or if im pregnant. Can someone help me please?
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PMS and early pregnancy can feel quite similar. Your best bet for telling them apart is to wait until you expect your period (or until about two weeks after unprotected sex, if that's a factor) and take a pregnancy test.

How would you feel about being pregnant?
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I actually had unprotected sex with my bf last week but he didn't cum in me,but iwas ovulating last week also.

Im feeling a little scared but deep down ifeel like im ready and I want one
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Well, it sounds like wait another week and take a test.

How would your boyfriend feel about having a baby? If that's what you want, and you're doing things that could lead that way, it would be smart to see whether the potential father is on the same page.
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thank you!

And yes ^.^ , he is. He feels the same say as me.
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Im in same boat if it pms or early symptoms had 3 mcs n chemical preg with my ex n 1 early mc with my partner i now believe ive conceieved again but period not due for 10 days but think i feelin symptoms please help xx
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You might want to join one of the TTC threads that are going
This is the main TTC forum http://www.mothering.com/community/f/178/trying-to-conceive

And within that are a couple different threads. Feel free to introduce yourself over there!

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Ok thnks xx
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