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10 mo old and biting

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So we're teething.  4 teeth almost completely in, and a bunch more working on it.  Now he's biting on EVERYTHING.  Fingers, our clothes, our bare skin, his toys (he does have teething toys).  How do I get him to not bite us?  It hurts!  I've been doing "no bite" and redirecting, but it doesn't help.  Any ideas? 

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It will work.  Use few words ("no bite!" is perfect)  And move him away from you immediately.  Not like put him in a crib or on the floor, but move out of bite range when you say it.  You don't even have to put him down unless he's like a walking dead zombie...just arms length.

Try some toys that aren't actually teething toys.  Babies love to play with non toys.  Or toys that aren't just baby toys.  Wood is a good teething toy too.  I bought a wooden Ipod off of Etsy a few years ago, and it's been a great teether.   Boon also has some great teething toys...some you can put a snack inside and let him gnaw on that, but not choke.

THIS one is a major favorite.  I have a couple here for my daycare kids.  I don't know what is so appealing, but they love it. 

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My daughter chews on EVERYTHING.  She's at 6 teeth at 8 months & has been chewing for 4 months.  She occasionally likes to give Mom a light gnaw on nipple to see if I'm paying attention.  Saying 'no bite' and denying breast for 1 minute gets the point across.  She gives me a "Just kidding" smile and stops.  One thing that she loves is a breastmilk popsicle.  I use a silicone self-feeder loaded with a breastmilk icecube.  It helps with teething and she thinks it's really fun.

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