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What songs do you like to sing to your baby? - Page 2

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Here Comes (my) Sun, Beatles
Beautiful Boy, John Lennon
to my first son

I'll Take You with Me Everywhere I Go, Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris
To my second son

The chants (yoga), Om Namo Bhagavate and Om Nama Shivaya to both.

My husband songs old Irish folk tunes to boys. smile.gif

As first son gets older, he and I are loving Big Rock Candy Mountains and playful "adult" tunes, ie. Yellow Submarine by Beatles, Apeman by The Kinks, Ani Difranco's songs on Puddle Dive...
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I make up a lot of songs during diaper changes and such;)

But real songs that we sing are: oh mr. Sun, you are my sunshine and lots of Laurie burkner songs.
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I always sang Baby Mine from Dumbo and Elvis I can't help falling in love with you...Our current long standing favorite though is John Denver's For Baby(Bobbie)...
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Originally Posted by bimico View Post

Sang Edelweiss to my firstborn, a December baby. I sing "Stay Awake" from Mary Poppins. 

Feed the Birds was my personal favorite when they were little.

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When my son was small, I sang whatever songs I have memorized! Faith, by George Michael, Sleep (or perhaps it is called MLK) by U2. But his favorite was One More Minute by Weird Al Yankovich. I sang it once out of frustration, and it totally calmed him down. The chorus is "But I'd rather spend eternity eating shards of broken glass than spend one more minute with you." Ha! My mom used to tease me about what I would say when he grew up and asked, "Mommy, what sweet songs did you sing to me when I was a baby?"
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Smile by Nat King Cole and Dream a Little Dream by the Mamas and the Papas

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I'll Fly Away
Inch by Inch
Wild Mountain Thyme
John the Rabbit
This Pretty Planet by Tom Chapin
Old Joe Clark
Iowa by Dar Williams
New River Train
We Come from the Goddess
Little Red Caboose

And others...we sing a lot in this house.
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Lots of Johnny Cash songs!

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We have sung Three Luttle Birds ever since I got pregnant. DS is now 4 and we sing a mix up of all the Jungle Book Songs and then Three Little Birds, Hey Jude, and Twinkle Twinkle.
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GISDiva-I just found a Johnny Cash kids album on Amazon the other day. I had no idea he ever made a kids album. But since I am more familiar with his regular songs, I would probably sing those to my baby.
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pokeyAC, I have the JC kid's album, and I must say some good ole' regular Johnny Cash is better, in my opinion.  The kid;s album is a bit hokey.  Which are your favorite regular Johnny Cash songs to sing?  My pardner sings Burning Ring of Fire and I sing Darlin' Companion with June Carter Cash to our boys!  

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My 7 month old and I attend a Bring Your Own Baby class at the local library. They begin each class with "The More We Get Together." I sing (poorly) the ABCs and Twinkle, Twinkle, etc. But baby Cooper LOVES his opening song to the BYOB class. So when I need him to calm down to trim his nails, or his sister Madison wants to sing get his attention, we each sing "The More We Get Together." The most recent library board book check out included one set to this song. He loves it more than any other book. His arms and legs kick and he laughs... every time. 

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Christmas carols for his first month (November baby), and now we're onto some old Vietnam war protest songs my mother sang to me as a babe.  Keeping that tradition alive.

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