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Horse troughs? Sotck tanks? anyone else using a alternative birthing tub... or have in the past....

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Hey ladies.


so Im dancing around the idea of using a birth pool for this babe. I want to use a trough. I think the inflatables aren't sturdy enough to be set up in a house ahead of time, with 4 other little ones running around... so Im opting for a hard sided pool.


have any of you used a trough? did you like it? can you compare it to anything else? advice on lining it?


thanks mamas


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I know of people who used a trough and liked it. I've used a La Bassine and had it set up ahead of time. I discouraged serious bouncing in it but they are super sturdy. Just in case anyone else is trying to make a similar decision. I would think you might want towels to pad under your knees. I hope others have more direct experience for you.
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Thanks! I look forward to other bits of input too... Im sure Id line it or the bottom. I only watched or found a few videos on troughs being used.. we live on a farm so it could totally be used afterwards for something, even as a raised garden bed for herbs or something. Anyhow, I was looking to see what sizes were available and height, Im 5'9" and like to labor on my knees... so Im trying to find one that isn't too shallow...


other option, finding a free/cheap blow up pool second hand from a mama that doesn't need/want hers. we don't have a lot to spend so this might work out...



Looking forward to hearing what you ladies have to say

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Hi.  I don't have experience giving birth in a hard tub, but I had imagined giving birth in, say, my bath tub (back when we lived in a house with a big "garden" sized tub) and compared in my mind to my preference (a birth pool).  Maybe because I'd already birthed in a birth pool or ???  but I felt right away each time after like I really liked the blow-up pool... and not just any pool.  I know some have done well using the "fishy" (kids) pool but I found myself the last two births wanting be on and push on my knees and needing extra support (the air chamber in the La Bassine and some other blow up birth pools are vertical for extra support) but also extra cushioning because my knees cause me pain sometimes.  I've used the La Bassine pool 3 times now and the last time I put two sleeping bags under it and it was even better.  I like that the edge was something I could sort of hug on or lay on, rest on, hug.  That is something you won't get with a trough or thin edge, unless you were to take one of those foam pool noodles (a good thick one) and slit it and put it up on the trough.  If you did choose a trough or tank I would just be mindful of how cushioned you want it and how to accomplish that and if you wanted the option of leaning over the edge comfortably how you'd accomplish that (towels, pool noodle?).  I don't know how much those would cost but I think I purchased La Bassine for close to $100 - looks like they are $120 now.  I do like your idea of being able to re-use the trough or stock tank, though :)  I just opted for the birth pool because I had a feeling I'd be using it again for another little one and I also know quite a few friends that home-birth so I figured I could always pass it to another mama or something.  Before I had my own I had borrowed a friend's twice and we even patched a few small holes in it (it had been "well loved").  


Setting up is probably going to be easier in a trough/tank, as long as you're not having to drag a very heavy one in.  We tried blowing up the pool before-hand but my littles couldn't resist getting in it.  There is a neat one with a lid but it was more expensive and I imagined my kids might pull the lid off (but it would probably keep the water warm 'til you get in during labor/birth).  My husband was able to get the pool set up pretty quickly but since my labors are now getting shorter it was a shame to have him focused on setting up instead of being in a physically closer way of support to me.  


I think you will do well with whatever you find and feel a peace and comfort about using and I think you can make it work for you.  I'm just throwing out some comparisons and pros/cons and some ideas.  Hope it was helpful.  

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If you go with a trough I'd put sleeping bags, pillows or comforters in the bottom and then line it and slicing a pool noodle to fit over the edge is a great idea. I think it could totally work. 


Also I've heard of folks putting a pillow in a plastic bag like a contractors trash bag, tape it all shut really good and using those in/around the birth tub for extra cushioning as needed. 

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I've birthed twice in 6x3x2 stocktanks and highly recommend it.... we are also on a farm so they get well used after! (Considering engraving them with the name of the child that was born in it, hehe!)

We lined it with blankets and pillows and then a plastic sheet both for insulation and padding and it was very comfortable. I really liked how stable it felt, kneeling holding onto the sides or cross brace as needed. We also had some family baths in it for fun before and after! (Without the lining materials.)
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Lilyofjudah-I love the idea of you engraving the name of the child that was born in each stock tank!! :love

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this is what Im ending up using... or working with. Its a tank from one of those metal caged white tanks... I cut the tank apart and took it out of the metal cage, then cut it down to 26" . pallets will go around it and be removable for later take down. I do totally plan on lining it, and the edge then a inner liner. I still need to build a base and remove staples from pallets and all that jazz but I think it will work. its 57" x 4" x 26" tall... nice.

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That looks awesome!

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I like it! I had to break out my measuring tape to get a proper visual though. I don't know how tall you are, how you labor or when you get in the water, but will it be too high w/ the base?

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I'm wondering if it will be easy or difficult to get in and out of.  I just have a hard enough time stumbling in and out of an inflated tub.  Looks spacious!  It might make it easier to at least place towels or something over the edge of entry/exit so there is some padding there?  I guess it wouldn't bother other people but when I'm birthing I tend to really REALLY want every bit of "comfort" I can get  ;)

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thanks for worrying about me ladies <3  LOL.. honestly I feel it will be fine. I did a few "dry runs and the pallets on the side and padding/liner make it 7 inches of so side. Which I believe it the standard thickness of a blow up pool wall anyway?? maybe Im wrong. anyhow. I am excited to set it up where I want it and hopefully Ill get to use it. my labors are fast and sometimes I can be stubborn on moving from a location I feel is safe ... that being, the  side of the couch the last 2 times ,LOL!!!

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My first two were in troughs. They were great and the edge was nice enough to lean on. I liked the handles of the la bassine though. As far as size goes, they were pretty much the same.
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