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Find more friends

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Hi everybody, 


I was so busy the last couple of years with the babies and working and the house and stuff that I kind of forgot about a social life. 


I often feel weird when together with other people, too, because we do so many things differently than "normal" people. 


But now I kind of get lonely and would love some compainonship with other moms. With number four on his way it is a bit difficult to meet someone, does anybody have ideas? 


Thank you!

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I have met mom friends from just going to the library, going to home schooling funtions, and moms groups. I am apart of homeschooling group. And then I am apart of a MOMs club. This is their website http://www.momsclub.org/ 

their facebook  https://www.facebook.com/InternationalMOMSClub


And then you could always create a group or join groups on meetup. How I do it is I have an interest then go to groups based on that interest

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I've met most of my mom contacts walking around the neighbourhood, at playgroups, parent participation activity classes, and at parks and public recreation complexes.  Just getting out there regularly increases the chances of that serendipitous conversation that leads to something more.  And if no one is met, well at least I got some fresh air. 

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I'm in the same boat. I know that it is hard.  Maybe a LLL meeting? Even with #4 on the way. You can help other moms? Hope that helps alittle

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Early in my mommy-ing, I became friends w/ the women I saw every month at the LLL mtg I went to (there was also a weekly playgroup then).  Later, when all their children were going to school & mine weren't, I became friends w/ other home educating parents.  That's mostly my friend base at this point.


Other places where you might find others to socialize w/ are your local library (or another not-so-local library), meetup.com, a local arboretum that holds classes, the local YMCA, any place that holds mom & me kinds of classes (or classes for many aged children - music classes often cover a span of ages), Holistic Moms Network (they charge, but some feel it's worth it), etc.


If all else fails, start a group of your own.  I've held group meetings in libraries (some charge, some do not), Panera bread (some have a separate room that you can reserve), local indoor play place (can be tricky, but can probably be done), churches, and that's all I can think of right now.


IT can be hard & nerve wracking!  I've been there.  I know it helped me in the past few years to not think that I needed a gaggle of friends RIGHT NOW.  I tried to focus on building friendships w/ just one or two people at a time.  Life is just too busy for anything more!

Best wishes,



ETA: the tribal area here - post that you're looking for friends in your region of the world/country.  How could I forget?  Oh, yeah, mommy brain.  :dizzy

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Definitely been there!  Still am in a lot of ways!


I've never been much of a good friend in the way of actively calling all the time or scheduling meetups and as a result I have very very few friends and almost never talk to people I met in highschool anymore.  The other thing is that like you, my husband and our family are frankly quite wierd to those types of people. 


I definitely agree with the previous posters that you frankly just need to get out and say hi to people, strike up a conversation, join a group, etc.  The key being that it needs to be a group that you enjoy with like-minded people in just a few ways.  For example, I always thought I would love doing PTA activities.  Truth is that many of the leaders of the PTS are just simply not my cup of tea.  thus, I don't have much to do with PTA.


My husband and I own a farm that sells direct at farmer's markets.  My husband is much more of a social person so he tends to make friends very easily and collect contacts like crazy.  I tend to follow on his coattails.  Regardless, his conversations have led to a wonderful friendship with a couple that owns another farm.  The couple is much older than us and they have one child they adopted 2 years ago so we're not on the same number or ages of children but we enjoy each other's company, we enjoy each other's children and we are on very very similar parenting styles and lifestyles and ways of thinking.  they are most definitely our best friends.


So get out there and keep looking.  Be open to the strange happenings and meetings because you never know who you'll meet that you won't be able to live without!


Best of luck!

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