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Relocating to Orlando Help

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My husband is seriously considering a position in Orlando. Does anyone live there? We actually have been there recently and I am a little stressed by all the Publix supermarkets there with little to know GF or organic selections. Are there secrets to living healthy in Orlando that you can help me feel better about? We live in metro Atlanta and we have awesome local farmers and farms that make our lifestyle simple and affordable. 


Also I am little overwhelmed trying to figure out what part of the city we want to live in. Here in Atlanta everyone lives so far outside of the city, so to be in a non commuter city is strange. We have 3 children and I would prefer a home with at least 4 bedrooms in a family friendly area. We homeschool, but it would be nice to be in a good school area just in case. Close to a park or walking trails would be even more awesome. Can you all help point me in the right direction to look at homes? We will be renting in the beginning until we figure out where we want to be long term. DH will be working off of I-4 and W. Kennedy Blvd.

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We moved to California and will be moving back to an area south of Orlando in about a month. There are many things for children and families to do in the area. We love it there. :)


My son has food sensitivities and allergies so we are GF for the most part and avoid gmos and sprays. If you can find a farmer who does things the "right" way, great, but there are also other options. Publix has been expanding options in store plus there are stores like Chamberlains and Whole Foods in the area. Ethos is a great place for vegan food and Mellow Mushroom has gluten free options, though I doubt they consider their kitchen 100 percent gluten free.


You may want to contact a real estate agent about housing options, though you can also look on your own. We will be in Groveland, but there are nice areas much closer to the city as well. You can look a bit north in the Lake Mary area or in Oveido. Closer to the city you may find nice homes in the Dr Phillips or Avalon Park area. PS I used to work in the Seminole County school system, but we now homeschool/unschool. :)


I am happy to answer questions if you have any others. I am no expert, but maybe I can help a little bit.

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Thanks for your info. My husband is considering a position in FL as well. The corporate office is in Maitland. Is that a nice area to live/work/play? 


We live in Houston now (well, actually a suburb of Houston) and have so much to do, with nice trails and parks on every corner. I'm looking for somewhere with a strong school system- my daughter is in GT now and I'd like for her to continue to IB program if possible. 

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