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sudden extremely painful ligament pain at 38 weeks?

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I've had some round ligament pain throughout this pregnancy, which has typically come on intermittently while walking but would go away when I rested.  But yesterday it came on pretty strongly when I was walking back from the doctor, and it has been horribly painful ever since.  It has come and gone a bit, but I have literally been unable to walk, even incredibly slowly at times over the last two days, and I have had it continue to hurt like the dickens even when sitting down.  


I spoke to my midwife, and she is not concerned, since I don't have any contractions, signs of bleeding or other discharge, etc.  She said to rest, take tylenol, and use heat, but none of that is really fixing the issue.  She said it probably has something to do with the baby's position, but I'm not sure how to get her to move back to where she was!


I'm about 38 and a half weeks today.  I've thought about trying some baby positioning techniques, in case that could get the baby back into a good position, but even just going on my hands and knees to try to give my hips a rest actually makes the pain much worse.  I was just wondering if anyone else had anything like this and if so, what did you do?  Did it go away on its own?  

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I did chiropractic throughout my pregnancy and she always adjusted my round ligament. She specialized in pregnancy and was trained in the Webster Technique. It is also supposed to help with the baby's position. Have you checked out the spinningbabies website? They might have some positions to help. I hope you get some relief soon!
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pokeyAC, thanks for the response!  I've been doing both acupuncture and seeing a chiropractor regularly (because of problems with hip pain throughout), but it didn't seem to help with this.  I did try some of the spinning babies positions, but they just seemed to hurt.  For whatever reason it just hurt like the dickens for three days and I could hardly walk, and then it went away.  Now it seems to be ok, although I am pretty nervous about walking anywhere.  I did manage to successful walk to and from the midwife yesterday with no issues.  So maybe the baby was just pressing really hard on a very bad spot for several days?  Very mysterious...  (But I'm so glad the pain is gone and hope it stays away until she arrives!)

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I'm glad you're feeling better, cww! It sounds like you did everything you could to feel better. I hope you have a great birth!
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