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Alternatives to Ear Tubes

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Hi all,


My daughter has had 3 ear infections in the past 3 months and is complaining today of more ear pain!  The last time we went to the pediatrician she referred us to an ENT.  That appointment is not until next week.  Anyhow, I'm doing some research on ear tubes, in the event that that is what the ENT suggests.  I'd also like to know if there are any alternatives - specifically - has anyone tried chiropractic care to treat fluid in the middle ear? My daughter is nearly 6.



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YES! Big HUGE YES! to chiropractic.  We've been seeing a chiropractor for many years now.  My son, who is now 3, has been seeing her since he was 2 days old.  Adjustments absolutely help at getting rid of fluid in the ears.


Another thing that you can use is Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, like Young Living brand.  My son ended up with double ear infections when he was 2.  He is such a trooper I had no idea that he had them at all until he spiked a fever one evening and wouldn't/couldn't settle to go to sleep.  I thought he was teething and basically laid with him all night comforting him back to sleep many times.  In the morning he was pulling at his ears.  I looked in his ear canals and was SHOCKED to see that they were both filled with pus.  YIKES!!  We immediately started using the blend Purification and the single oil Helichrysum on and around his ears.  After three days, he was much better but I wanted to be sure, so I took him to the doctor.  She looked in his ears twice, asked me again, when he'd had pus filled ear canals and I told her again 3 days prior.  She said, "You did a miracle.  He has no ear infections at all."


Essential Oils are amazing and completely natural medicine from plants!!


Something else to consider....one reason ears get infected can be due to blocked Eustachian tubes.  These are where they put "tubes" to make a clear pathway for drainage.  Many things can cause them to get blocked, but often it is due to inflammation.  Have you tried eliminating foods like dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten from the diet?  All of these can cause inflammation.


Hope this helps!  If you want more information about the essential oils, please let me know and I can assist you! 

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Another big huge yes to chiropractic care and craniosacral therapy (CST).  Can work wonders.  Lots of chiros also do CST, as well.  Good luck!

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Chiropractic care, for sure!

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I can't say enough good things about chiropractors. My daughter has been being adjusted since she was 2 days old. I go for prevention and if there is a specific health issue especially with the ears. Interview a few of them to find one you are comfortable with and that works with kids. So much can be fixed with getting the vertebrae aligned and the nerves fully working.
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I would also suggest eliminating dairy if you haven't already.  Dairy intolerance has been linked to chronic ear infections.   I had a tube put in my left ear as a child after years of ear infections.  I was six when the tubes were put in and though the are supposed to fall out a short time later, mine did not fall out until I was 16.  Scar tissue formed around the tube and I was left with an open passage to my ear drum causing regular ruptures any time I swam (I was not one to listen to suggestions to only play at the waters surface).  I had a surgery in my early twenties to repair the passage opened by the tube.   I am not saying this to scare you out of tubes, only to say that there are risks, and as an adult I experimented with my diet and found that since I eliminated milk from my diet twenty five years ago I have had only one or two ear infections, where I used to have 2-4 a year as a child and young adult.  


I can't speak directly to chiropractic care, but I have heard great things in relation to ear infections.  I know it is hard to see your babe in pain, but it seems it might be helpful to try some less invasive options that may get to the root of the infections.

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Isn't 6 a little old tubes in the ears? as far as I can recall, that's usually the age they fall out if they were in when the child was very young. My daughter started getting ear infections all of the sudden at 18 months; rather than put tubes in, my ped suggested we look at what was actually causing them. It was allergies. She started taking zyrtec during the height of allergy season, and the infections stopped. I am so happy I didn't rush to put tubes in.

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I second the dairy...among others ear infectons were a sign of my now 6 year olds dairy allergy...she had tubes but still got infections..the tubes allowed them to drain but wasnt stopping them..Till her off all dairy and no more infections..
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If this is a new thing I'd look into allergy tests and minimizing contact with pets if she has any.
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I second, third, fourth all the previous suggestions. doTerra is another great brand of pure therapeutic grade oils that are safe to use on children. Also gluten intolerance has been shown to be related to ear infections. I would definitely try these things before getting tubes.

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Chiro will help drain fluid already in there and eliminating dairy and perhaps wheat and sugar will prevent more from occuring.  Also, be careful of getting caught in a cycle of antibiotics one after the other.  they will only break down the immune system further!

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