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Genetic testing and counseling

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Well. We've just had our first round of genetic counseling. I also had blood drawn for the maternal/fetal blood screening. Being 44, my husband thought it would be best. All results come back in 10 days. I have to admit I'm a wee bit nervous!
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fingers crossed everything turns out well for you. Which I'm sure it will, numbers are still on your side :) 

Try and let the test and nervousness go! I know it's hard! And keep us updated on the news :)

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Thanks! It's seems lately there's so much negative to read. Your positive words help!
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Fingers and toes crossed for you. I have my first midwife apt next Tues and I will ask for the orders to have the test done too. I'll be a week behind you in the wait!

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Oooooh! Good luck to you too!
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Thanks Brooke! It's definitely nerve wracking and I haven't even had the blood draw yet! I think the mentality of this whole 10+  weeks so far will have to apply. Cautiously optimistic and happy. 

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I go for blood draw today and will have results on the 3rd. I'm 35 and this is my second baby, last one 12 yrs ago. I'm not terribly nervous, no family history of any of the disorders they are testing for, but my husband is also a geneticist and he wants to know. Meh, what ever, it's just a  blood draw, not like the intensity of the amnio or CV testing! I Am excited for the sexing part, we'll know what gender our "puppy" is long before it would show on a scan!   Baby is so far called puppy because after the first scan I had at 7 weeks, my son saw the picture and asked what it was, I told him I was having a puppy! lol, running joke.

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Sub'ing cause I want to hear if y'all are having boys or girls. I'm not getting any early DNA testing done so I'm living vicariously trough you! Ha! Good luck!
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I go in for my blood draw on the first. Can't wait to find out the sex. Also think I am a little disconnected from this pregnancy because I am waiting for the results before I get really excited.
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cagirlintexas- I feel the same way blood draw this week and probably wont breath a sigh of relief until those test results come back. thats at least almost another 2 weeks from now. Yikes.

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