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Gifted or ADD?

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How can you tell the difference?  My 8 years old DD is super bright, read very early, learns new concepts at an incredible rate and is doing 3rd grade math and language work although she is in 2nd grade.

I began to suspect that she may be gifted but have not had her tested.  Today a school official that was visiting her classroom, she goes to a Montessori school, told me that my daughter displays traits of ADD.

I will seek professional help but in the mean time, can anyone shed some light into this for me?  Are you familiar with such traits and those that can differentiate giftedness from ADD?


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It is so hard to tell sometimes. And they are not mutually exclusive. I'm not sure what qualifications this school official has but I would take what was said with a grain of salt. There are alot of people out there that seem to enjoy labeling children based on random information. A one time observation is not adequate to determine ADD. I think having her tested is a great choice.

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Like Quirklayne mentioned, ADD and giftedness aren't mutually exclusive. If ADD is a concern, I'd suggest getting her tested by a professional (not school based) that specializes in both giftedness and learning issues (twice exceptional, 2e). Most professionals who aren't specialized don't always understand how one effects the other.

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