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Gestational diabetes test

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extremely freaked that I failed my 1 hr testing, now must go back for 3 hr test. Addicted to orange juice which I thought was great but learned today not so much because the sugar level is really high. Not sure which foods I should avoid and which ones to incorporate more into my diet, leading up to 2nd test........help!!!!
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You are supposed to fast before the second test, so you won't have to worry about something you ate throwing off your results. If you drank juice before your test that could mess your results and everything could still be just fine. Good luck!
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I had the second test yesterday. I will not know the results until Tuesday. I have to say that it was fairly rough. I went in at 8:30, but they didn't take me blood until 9:00. By the time I took the last of the blood tests at noon, I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out.
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Turns out that I don't have gestational diabetes. My fasting number was 92, the second number was high at 196, but then my numbers plummeted to 126 and then finally 58. The 58 explains why I felt so terrible after the test. My midwife says that even though my test came back normal, I am a high normal. So, I have to watch the carbs anyway. I'm glad I don't have to test my blood 4x a day, though. I've been craving sugar pretty badly though. This is strange because I'm normally not much into sweets.
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I am the same way. I have been wanting sweets like whoa. I too failed my 1hr, and just ad my 3 hr test yesterday (I went in at 6:30am and was out by 9:50), and hoping to hear back Saturday or Monday. I hope everything stays good with you :)

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Yay, MamaCayenne!  And good luck, TakeItSnape.... ExpectingMommy - any update?


I found out last week that I have GD for real (numbers were 94, 190 and 178).  It's been a very rough week since finding this out.  I was mostly mourning big-time the junk foods that I could no longer have (I've had a crazy sweet tooth with this pregnancy and was constantly "treating" myself with cupcakes, chocolates, and eating SO much breads - now NO MORE TREATS for me).  Then I felt overwhelmed with the thought of having to go to MORE appointments and taking the extra time for dietary changes, being so busy already w/an active toddler and no one to help at home.


This week I attended a 3hr gestational diabetes class run by my medical provider.  It was VERY helpful and I learned a lot about how GD happens and affects me and the Baby, what I should be eating and how to choose my meals/snacks accordingly.  So I'm more motivated to get this under control now.  I have to monitor my blood sugar at least 4x day.  Being able to gauge my glucose reaction to the foods I eat does help me feel more in control of things, as I can see the results and adjust from there.  I'm actually eating MORE than I was before (lots of smaller meals/snacks spaced throughout the day) and much healthier than I was, so I feel good about that.


It is however, SO much work to stay on top of this.  This is only my first week "experimenting" with new diet/results (then I meet again with dietician next week to review and adjust our meal plan) and I spend ALL my free time worrying about eating on time, prepping the right food, remembering to test my glucose, and what to eat next.  

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New Mum Joy- I feel for ya. If its any consolation my midwife says she always feels better about the diets of the women that have GD and that they tend to be healthier in the end. I've been thinking about my high normal status and how that will affect my baby. I'm considering looking at a GD diet anyway.

Good luck to you Take it Snape!
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I didn't actually fail my 1 hr, but it was a high normal. So, I'm following a GDM meal plan myself. I'm actually a dietitian and a diabetes educator (not currently working in that area if nutrition, but I used to work a GDM clinic every Tuesday)--point is, if any of you lovely ladies have questions, please ask away. I'm happy to help any way I can smile.gif
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Thanks sierramtngirl!


One question that I was saving for my meeting next week w/the dietician was this..... I'm told that I need to consume a minimum of 150 gr of carbs per day.  They are spaced out through the meals (30-45 gr) and snacks (15 gr).  But is there a MAX amount of total carbs per day that I should NOT exceed?  


For example, during my class I jotted down in my notes a sample distribution that the instructor gave us:  

Breakfast (30 gr),  Snack1 (30 gr),  Lunch (45 gr),  Snack2 (30gr),  Dinner (45gr)  ..... however this adds up to 180gr.  She also mentioned that we could have 3 snacks in a day, if needed - so I'm wondering if all the snacks combined need to stay under a certain limit of carbs (and/or if maybe the 3rd snack should be carb-free)?

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Hi NewMumJoy~ To answer your question about a MAX # of grams of Carb--there is not necessarily and upper limit you should stay away from.  The max amount of carbs that you should consume per day is highly dependent on a couple of factors-1.  how much of a "carb load" that you can process at one time (you will know this based on your fingerstick data--I know that I can only eat about 15 g with breakfast and no more than 30 g with lunch, but after lunch I can easily tolerate a dinner of 75 g + of carbohydrate without having a high blood sugar- and in general, we all do get better at processing higher carb amounts as the day goes on due to improving insulin sensitivity.  Those pregnancy hormones that are highest in the morning make us more insulin resistant).  2.  How physically active you are.  The higher your activity level, the more carb you can safely/efficiently process at one time due to improved insulin sensitivity from exercise.  Yesterday I was able to have a cupcake (50 g Carb per my estimation) at my baby shower without any issues because I'd gone for a 30 minute swim in the morning--something I would have been totally afraid of doing any other day.  I think my total yesterday was around 250 g and all BG readings were in goal range.  I joke that exercise rights a lot of wrongs!!

When I had my one hour test with a result that was a little to close for my comfort, I started out on the low end of the carb range 150-180g and have gradually increased from there based on my BG data and exercise level for the day.  On days I don't get out to do much more than walk the dog I do tend to stay closer to the 180 g range.

My general pattern looks like this:  5 am-15 g breakfast #1, 8 am, 15 g breakfast #2 (or snack), 10:30-snack 15 g, 12:00-12:30-30 g Lunch (I also do a 15 minute walk after lunch b/c this does tend to be my highest reading of the day), 2:00 15 g snack, 3:30-4:00-30g snack (usually a piece of fruit with some yogurt before I leave work), 6:00 Dinner-60-75 g carb, 8:00 bedtime snack of 15-30 g.  I am testing at one hour after the meal, but even if you test 2 hours after, it works out well to test first and then determine your snack (or walk, if needed).  If I am still hungry (and sometimes I am) I will snack on non-carb items like nuts or non-starchy veggies (cucumbers, snow peas, celery, a few carrot sticks dipped in guacamole).

Hope this helps!! Best of luck to you all.

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This is GREAT information, sierramtngirl - THANKS so much, I really appreciate it!

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SierraMtnGirl - do you test after snacks, or just after meals?  I feel like I could obsessively test before and after every snack and meal, before I go to bed, and then some, just to know the numbers!

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I have tested after some snacks, especially in the morning & afternoon. Just to see if I can tolerate a specific food. I think it's a good idea to help you establish a list of "safe" snacks. Especially since you are in the information gathering phase. It's interesting because I've found that an apple w/ cheese or peanut butter is totally safe for my AM snack, but a banana w/ peanut butter (& the same amt of carbs) is not! (I'm guessing this is due at least in part to the glycemic index of those foods). With that said, I do try to limit the number of times I'm testing to 4-5 x/ day. It's so much work planning meals & snacks, eating them, & chasing my nearly 2 yr old around, it was starting to make me crazy! Hope this helps & I'm sure you are doing a great job!
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Thanks. I passed the 2nd one with flying colors. Yayyhggggg
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That's great @Expectingmommy !! I too passed my second one with flying colors!

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Yay! Congrats ladies.
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