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Baby Brain and Work

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Ok, is anyone else having a hard time at work? I'm making serious gaffs and we're busier than ever. Hoping I'm not the only one going totally crazy here (not to wish this on anyone else).
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Yep, I'm in IT and commands that I use multiple times everyday...I suddenly can't remember the syntax for.  It really slows things down.

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I'm definitely experiencing serious baby brain! It's not "work" per se, as I'm a student...but studying 100+ pages of a guideline before a case makes me want to cry. I'm such a space cadet lately! That said, it seemed to get slightly better coming out of first trimester but not by much.

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Yes! And I'm a sahm!!! Just normal stuff is hard to remember, and dh gets patiently frustrated with my inability to finish a sentence. smile.gif

I notice that taking floradix regularly really helps, though. I need to stop skipping...
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What is this floradix everyone keeps talking about?

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Floradix iron supplement is great stuff.  It's like energy in a bottle for me.  I feel all washed out and like I'm pushing a wall in front of me everywhere I go.  I'm exhausted, and weak and spacey, and blah.  Then, with floradix, my brain works.  I sleep better, and have energy, and don't feel weak anymore.  It's really amazing how different I feel when I am taking it.  But, I guess with all the hard work our bodies are doing increasing blood supply and stuff it makes sense that we need extra iron.

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I have the same problem.  It's my biggest complaint about pregnancy right now.  I feel like I have maybe half a brain, if that.  I don't work, am a sahm but I'm a cerebral person and it makes me uncomfortable to be so airheaded.  I definitely have that "inability to finish my sentences" thing going on.  I feel dumb and useless most of the time, honestly.  

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I have horrible pregnancy brain. Making little mistakes at work,goofing up recipes - made lemon poppy seed muffins and only put 1/2 the required flour in, and my favorite - forgetting to tell my bridesmaids and officiant that we moved our wedding by a day. At least most of my friends and coworkers are understanding. Partner just thinks I'm hilarious.
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Count me in on the problems finishing sentences.  It was driving my husband nuts when we were on the phone yesterday!  Add in that we are doing some foreign language translating at work, and my mind is complete mush.  It was so hard to concentrate yesterday.  So far it was been a bit better today, maybe because I had some red meat for dinner!  I haven't been taking iron supplements since my iron levels have been normal according to my blood work, but maybe I will have to look into it.  Not sure if I want to trade the absentmindedness for constipation though.

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Floradix.doesnt cause that problem...
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I'd like to try some.  Should I try it even if I'm not low in iron though?  

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Glad I'm not alone! At work today probably 10 times I was like, uh... What was I just going to do? And talking to DH I'm like yeah the thing with the thing... And he's like what the heck are you talking about!
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Hah! Sounds about right smile.gif
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