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Pubic bone challenged..

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So I'm trying to figure out where the baby is. The info now states that the baby at 11 weeks +1 day should have risen above the pubic bone...I've googled and I'm not seeing what I want to see. I am squeamish about feeling around for my pubic bone too. But so basically you've got your cervix and then lets call it how many inches up until you hit your pubic bone? Then you say give or take an inch that's where the baby is sitting?

Sorry I feel ridiculous for asking this but the internet is actually confusing me. 


Anatomically challenged

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Your pubic bone is the two bones on either side of your hips. The one that sticks out on super skinny people 

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I don't know if this might help you, you can look at the bones and scroll over them and then you can look at it with a skin overlay. Your pubic bone symphysis is pretty low in most people, the bony bump that would be covered by a swimsuit (unless it's a nude beach lol). 



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Just a note that at 13w5d, I know where my pubic bones are but I JUST started to be able to feel my uterus....so no freakouts if you can't feel yours for a little while!

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Thanks ladies.

Mostly I was just trying to figure out where the baby is right now at around 11 weeks so I can lay my hand there and send good vibes and love. I have a 'bump' that in the mornings when I lay flat is above the pubic hair line but below my belly button and I thought that might be too high for the baby to be but wasn't sure why the bump is there...I feel so stupid for having to ask lol. But I think I have a better idea now thanks! I have my first apt. with my midwife today and I figure I can also ask her to literally point to where the baby is and where pubic bone is right now. :-)

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With the way all the pregnancy sites phrase it, it sounds like there is a bone in the front of your body that your uterus is sitting behind lol I completely understand. I'm a pregnancy and childbirth fanatic (Want to eventually be a midwife) and I was confused until a few days ago when I clarified that they were what I thought they were 

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Thanks Crunchy! :thumb

Psyched you want to be a midwife! We need more great ones! That's awesome!

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