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Benefits of having a sink in the nursery?

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Sooo I currently have my small office which is in a kitchen of our designated 2 family home that we use as our one family home. The stove got pulled and I have a huge high back chair in its place. We still have a fridge in there and there are Old 80's countertops and cabinets/drawers one section has a sink. 

We had long talk yesterday about converting it to baby's room and I suggested we demo all cabs to really open up the room, move the fridge downstairs to basement for extra storage, give fresh coat of soft tranquil baby paint, and then have minimal furniture up there. Convertible crib, a family heirloom dresser which currently resides in the dining room moved up to be the dresser for baby's room and then add changing table to the top.

All we'd need is a rocker/glider of some sort and a bookshelf of some sort to store books and a few toys. Add a rug and voila! Baby room.

My husband, sister in law, and her husband will be helping with the demo and all of them thought it would be a good idea to keep the sink. I tend towards worry (nooo you're all shocked right? lol) and I think ahead to toddler-dom and worry about having a sink that can get hot and burn someone but the idea of having a built in bathing zone for the first year isn't horrible I suppose?

Husband in law said you can cap off the sink at any time for safety and not have water hooked up once we decide we don't want to have it usable anymore. 

But I wonder, do all of you think this is a pro or con to have in nursery? 


Just curious and welcome all opinions. 

*I should add my hubs main reason for wanting to keep sink is because if we ever wanted to sell as 2 family assuming it would bring more on the market, then he wanted to keep it in there.

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Major pro.  I think especially of the fact that I use cloth wipes (there's no other way to go, seriously) and I get them wet first before wiping.  Also I do elimination communication and an easy place to rinse the potty would be awesome.

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Major pro! You can always disconnect the water when kiddo gets big. I would love that set up! Is it big enough for baths?

Mainly, the poopslosions that happen would be so much easier with a sink handy. And ditto about cloth wipes. Maybe even rinsing diapers.
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Thanks mamas! 

MrsKatie - great point about potty rinsing!

anyalily - LOL THE POOPSPLOSIONS!  We would go to a salvage and demolition place we have locally and buy a salvaged large porcelain sink basin and we're still thinking of ideas on what kinda of base we want. We've seen some cool old barrels that are protected from splintering etc. that house the sink and they look pretty darned cool but we're open right now since the current one is so old and leaky etc. It will be scrapped on husbands next scrap metal run I'm sure. 

I love this idea but not sure if we could find the perfect sink like they have but its a good starting point for brainstorming. 


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crickets - I like the sink idea a lot and the pic you posted is fantastic.

At our house the baby's room has a jack-n-jill bath between it and another extra bedroom.  The bath has a 72" counter with a double sink.  We are looking to replace it with one of those deeper bigger sinks just for baby reasons.  The tiny double sinks are just not practical! 


Down the road, when we get our butts in gear and actually get our "plans" done, I'll post some pics.  It'll probably be a few months though... and I can't stand the wait!

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Thanks innacircle! We decided to definitely do/keep a sink plumbed in there! :-) Now we need to find the perfect one! LOL..thank goodness there is time!

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crickets - That will be a really nifty baby room setup.  Where will your office go? 

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It gets reduced to a 4x6 foot area in our bedroom, lol. I have tons of essential oils, blue glass bottles, beeswax, apothecary type stuff and that is going to be a challenge because I need to find storage for that. But there IS a closet in the soon to be nursery and maybe for first year I keep all apothecary related items in there? We're still trying to figure that out. The desk, computer, office-y related items though are going in a corner of our very large bedroom. That doesn't bother me much. :-)  All for such a very good cause!

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