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Fairbanks mamas?

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We moved back to Fairbanks after 10 years. I'm looking for some new mama friends here. Are there any natural parenting type groups? I'm afraid I don't have a lot in common with my old friends here.
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Hi there! I lived in FBX for seven years and then moved to ANC to be with the guy I ended up marrying. We had our baby girl in November =) Long story made short, my birth didn't turn out as I had hoped; it culminated into a c-section due to a narrow pelvis and my body did not allow breastfeeding to work out due to that and possible IGT. Therefore I'm not able to do certain things as I has hoped. But, what can you do, right? You just take good care of your baby and treasure each moment =)

Anyway, I digress!

Is Blueberry Baby still around in FBX? It is a boutique specializing in natural parenting and baby care. It might be a jumping-off point, potentially! You never know if they've got connections to safe and friendly groups =) There is a strong community in Alaska, even Fairbanks, of those who choose natural parenting for their families!
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Hey there! There are a bunch of groups on facebook. Check out "naturally playful" I think is the name of it. There are a bunch but I can't think of any names. I would search natural, organic, breastfeeding or whatever thing you are into and add fairbanks. Some good ones should come up. There are 2 local meet-up http://www.meetup.comgroups, Play Learn n Grow(free)http://www.meetup.com/plg and Fairbanks Mod Mamas n Trendy tots($ yearly fee). Both aren't crunchy per se but u def have chance to meet someone crunchy there. Fbxmoms is an awesome diverse group of mamas that gather at 10am on Fridays at the Boys n Girls Club. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/fbxmoms/info This town is hoppin! Hope to meet ya soon! =D
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Thank you both!!! I see so many crunchy mamas around town and am always to shy to just talk to random people.
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