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How much have you gained so far??

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How much? I am 13 weeks and up a couple pounds (although may have lost a pound of muscle too due to some changes in my workout schedule).  I am feeling like I am so focused on food, and it is hard not to be preoccupied, and subsequently overeat. Does anyone feel this way??


I gained roughly 50-55lbs with my first.. I was super depressed and literally gave up and had brownies and milkshakes every day.  I am SO determined not to do that or gain that much this time, and I had just gotten back into top shape before discovering I was pregnant, so it is hard to feel hungrier and puffier and not stress about it.


Any thoughts? What are all of your struggles?  


Thanks :)

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I'm almost 17 weeks and it looks like I've gained between 2 and 3 lbs.  It's normal for me to gain very little during pg though.  I'm overweight to begin with, if that makes a difference.

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The m/s got to me a lot in the beginning, so I dropped 6 lbs and just gained 3 back the past few weeks. I'm 13w5d and tend to be underweight, but I totally understand what you mean about fixation on food and overeating!! If junk is there, I WILL devour it, so I find it better to just do the grocery shopping myself and get healthy foods. DH did the shopping last night and came back with Starburst gummies, dry cereal, soda, doritos...I ate all of it :Sheepish


When I do the shopping myself though, I normally surround myself with fresh fruit (watermelon, peaches, bananas, grapefruit), fresh raw vegetables (grape tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, kale), old fashioned oats or granola, whole grain pita chips and hummus, yogurt, milk...and then I end up snacking on stuff like PB & banana protein shakes, fruit salads, and omelettes and I feel a lot better about taking in a million calories a day. 

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I never weigh myself but if I were to guess, I've easily out on 7lbs. Prior to getting pregnant I was in a 3 month workout/food slump so I'm guessing I had to put on a few then as well. I'm judging by the fact that the wedding dress I bought in October wouldn't zip up by mid-january. I so need to get motivated to readjust my eating habits and get back I to a workout routine. Any pregnancy workout suggestions??? I'm still getting married as planned in June and I'd rather look pregnant and cute than resemble a oompa loompa :-)
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At 12w I had gained 2 1/2 to 3lbs.


The first five pregnancies I gained 40 to 50 and lost it all or more before the next baby come along. Between 5 and 6 I quit eating gluten and then didn't experience anywhere near the amount of morning sickness that I had previously - Yay!, but I ended up gaining like 80lbs. and had only lost about half of that before I got pregnant this time. So, I have no plans to restrict weight gain or anything but trying to stay more active than I was and not eat 1001 snickers. Hopefully it will come on a little more slowly this time and I won't see a big jump too early on.

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I haven't gained anything yet. I've lost a bit (between 5-7 pounds) from m/s. I am overweight to begin with and pregnant with twins. I suspect and hope that weight gain will pick up this trimester. I am pounding the protein to the best of my ability. 13 weeks today!
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I lost 16 pounds in the first tri from severe morning sickness. I have already put 8 back on and am about 16 weeks now. My guess is at this rate I'll be up 5 at the end of the 2nd and then gain about ten in the third. Definitely eating a LOT right now and I'll prolly allow that for another week or so before I start to portion control a little smile.gif...
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I'm 15w2d and have gained 1-2 lbs. But I put on 5 lbs right around time of conception because we had 3 thanksgivings! I put on 52 lbs with my first and don't plan on it this time. I've been doing a lot of light strength training lately and am feeling really good about this time around! We'll see.

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like ksquared i don't weigh myself, but probably around 7lbs up.  gained about 50lbs my last pregnancy, lost 20lbs after labor, and had lost it all about 2 weeks before getting pregnant again.  we have a joke that my prepregnancy weight is actually my 'time to get pregnant' weight!!!!


just started walking again a lot more and having my first summer baby!  i always stay in shape, but gain.  i'm also nursing my 12 month old.  i want to weigh my boobs- i know a good amount of weight i gain is in them!!!!

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Originally Posted by HouseofPeace View Post


 i want to weigh my boobs

Bahahahahahaha Ditto!!! My mini little plums have turned into giants (for me) and I've gained 1 1/2 cup sizes. It cracks me up that my arms and legs are getting soooo skinny because my boobs and stomach are sucking up all the excess calories. 

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8 pounds up now!!  Those last 4 pounds just came out of nowhere!! 

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I am up about 5 pounds at 13 weeks. I know I lost some muscle too Bc I stopped my intense yoga. I was almost puking every time I went to class. Now I am feeling like I can get back to it, but the class is very challenging and moves so fast I am already a little intimidated! I am overweight to begin with but I think the BMI calculator can go to hell ; )
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I lost 8-9lb in the first half of the 1st trimester. My weight has been stable again for the last few weeks although I don't think it'll be long before I start gaining it back again.

I gained 25lb with my son, but my diet was significantly different then!

I'd love some weight gain in my boobs, lol! Still no change there for me yet!
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6lbs at 16 weeks. I didn't gain much the 1st 12 weeks; nothing tasted good. I gained 40 lbs with my previous 2 pgs, but a good 10 of those was from going a bit too crazy with the carbs and sweets. Hope I can keep that in check this time.
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