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Need help with my Ergo

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I just got an Ergo carrier to use while gardening this summer. I've tried the front carry and the back carry and I just can't get a comfortable fit. Any advice/tips from those of you who love your Ergo? It seems like if I put the strap at my waist, then my low back hurts. If I move the strap to my hips, it puts more weight on my shoulders and they start to ache.

Help! The instruction sheet that comes with doesn't include basic info about how to wear the carrier -- just how to put baby in it. I know there has to be a trick to it since everyone seems to think it is very comfortable. BTW, DD is 11 months and 20 lbs.


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i always have my girls on my back in the ergo so that's the only info i can give you. i wear the waist strap at my waist, therefore it sits on my hips. i pull the sholder straps pretty tight and the chest strap tight too. when i wear them like that 17.5 lbs and 26.5 lbs they seem super light and i can wear them all day if i have too

not sure if that helps at all?
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Thanks Dana -- I think part of my problem is that I can't get the shoulder straps very tight. I have the webbing pulled as tight as it will go.

Do you wear the chest strap high near your collarbone or lower?

I just can't figure out why it seems so uncomfortable for me.

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I had this exact same problem when I first started with my Ergo. And even after lots of great tips, I couldn't get it quite right. After putting it away for a couple weeks I went back to it and voila! - instant love fest for me. (Not that I think you need to put it away... that was just what worked for me at the time.)

My best suggestion would be to put it on and tweak each piece a little bit until it feels like the weight is evenly distributed between your shoulders and hips. So push the waist belt a little lower and see what that does, then a little higher, then try the straps looser and tighter, then the chest strap higher and lower.... basically play around until you get the perfect balance for you. For me, I like the waist belt sitting pretty much on my hips, shoulder straps snug, and chest strap loosely done up. The *best* tip I've found is to spread the shoulder straps so that they rest almost on the ball of my shoulder. That way helps best with weight distribution for me (across my entire back, shoulders and hips).

When you get it, you'll remember that "right" feeling and it will be much easier to recreate the next time.

Good luck, and keep us posted!
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