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Sling help

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I am overwhelmed.

With my first dd...I was at home holding her all day long and never thought I would need/want something like this. I used a bjorn when out and about.

I am due in two weeks and have realized that I need more arms to love both my toddler and newborn.

A sling seems like the perfect thing....but I am overwhelmed looking at all the sites and knowing what is right for me. There are so many options.

I know of no one that uses one.

Please....any help/advice for the unexperienced slinging mother I would appreciate.

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I would definitely go with a pouch or a ring sling. Wraps, ABC are great babywearing devices but are very confusing at first. A pouch is probably the easiest, and a ring sling is dang near just as easy.

A good pouch place would be Hotslings, a good ring sling place BabySpace, but these are just one of MANY different pouches and ring slings.

I HTH a little, anyway?
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Try checking out www.TheBabyWearer.com , ALOT of great slings in the reviews section. Also Ebay might be a good place to start for some samples and even some of the sling makers sell new on Ebay. Thats where I first started checking out slings... lol.
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