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Snacks for Mom!

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Hello Ladies,

I posted here a couple of months ago for my friend who was expecting twins. I had asked about whether the twin nursing pillow was really necesary. She followed the majority of the advice given here and decided to buy it. Well, her two little boys arrived healthy as can be at 36 weeks and she says nursing just would not be possible without that pillow! So thanks to all who responded!

However, she is on to a new dilemma. Her boys are growing so fast and nursing so much that she is just literaly having the life sucked right out of her. Her health nurse visited her today and told her she needs to have lots of protien and lots of good fats to keep her strenght up. Our circle of friends would like to do our best to provide her with lots of snacks she could be munching on as she cares for both her boys and her toddler. Do any of you expereinced moms have any good ideas for what we should supply her with?

I'm thinking some nut mixes. Maybe stopping by and making her a big jug of smoothies with extra tofu or protien powder mixed in. Not much else has occured to me yet. Please share any ideas you have so we can support her nursing!

Thank you!
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Hearty multigrain muffins made with nuts and dried fruits.
Avocado dips or sandwiches.
Dry roasted almonds.
Dried fruits.
Tortillas and beans.
Salad with lots of "things" in it! Like avocado, beets, apples, sunflower seeds, etc.
Pasta with pesto sauce ready in the fridge........cold or hot.

Most importantly, ready to eat food. As in, needing no preparation before consumption. And even better if it's finger food that isn't going to spill easily on those babes in your lap!

Good luck.
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I'm getting hungry just thinking about this. The protein shake thing is a great idea. Get her a container of protein powder in a flavor she likes and one of those easy hand mixers or those things that you just stick the stainless cup under the mixer. Can't recall their name but these have easier clean up than a blender in my opinion. These shakes can have anything added like bananas, berries, yogurt, etc. Will give her a great pick me up!
Also fresh fruit and veggies already cut up and ready to dip in peanut butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, avocado dip, etc.
How about cooking up a batch of lentils with pasta or rice.
Another option is gift certificates to one of her fav rest. so she can get carry out/delivery and not have to think about cooking.

Hope that helps!

33wks 3days
id sweet baby girls edd 7-4-04 (40 weeks)
Dominic (The Dom) 12-29-02
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Oh I forgot to mention CHEESE too! Lots of cheese slices or cubes to just pop in the mouth!

33wks 3days
id sweet baby girls edd 7-4-04 (40 weeks)
Dominic (The Dom) 12-29-02
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Left overs, cold chicken, casseroles, make up any kind of tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad with lots of celery, carrots, nuts, chick peas ect mixed in. If she eats cold cuts get some turkey and roll it like a caterer would, put it on a plate in the fridge, cover it and it will be real easy to grab on the way to the nursing station. Buy a head of lettuce and get it all ready to use. Wrap it in a paper towel and put it in a plastic bag in the crisper, it will be ready to use and stay fresh for about a week. She can put the already made up egg salad on the lettuce. Be creative with apetizer like snacks. They would be small and easy to eat. Quiche, trail mix, cut up and prepare veggies with salad dressing or hummus for dipping.

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When mine were nursing the life out of me, I probably would have passed out while driving had I not had a sports bar like a Luna Bar or Power Bar in my purse at all times. I'd get so so hungry unexpectedly, so when I went out, I liked to have something instant to eat.
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NOthing more to add other than -
you may want to ask her if any foods she has been eating so far seem to effect the boys! That way no one will prepare something that she might not be able to eat. I know my boys (the twins and ds) are/were very sensitive to brocholi and I believe red kidney beans tho I was never 100% sure on taht one. Other than that, everyone has such good ideas! I think I may go have a healthy snack!
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