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"You Should Patent That!"

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Goodness, but today was kinda funny!

DD and I ran into Walmart this morning so I could find some collars for the goats (later discovered I bought a bunch of Made in China junk--gonna have to return it! : ).

Anywho, we get to the register and the employee (bless her heart) wow'ed over my sling (basic style, one of those free patterns off of the Internet with a couple adjustments by me), and said "You should patent that!"

Hmmm, if I could have a patent on a sling...mercy, I'd be mega-rich!!!
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:LOL I just wonder how long it'll take for babywearing to go mainstream. I'm sure it will since more and more people are doing it. She probably didn't even know that you can get a padded-type sling at WalMart or it may have been Target that had them...I dunno, but that is funny!
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Cute! I love that line. It's always fun to point out to people that the "orginal" design dates back as old as time.

wemoon... I think it's on the way mainstream for sure. Just look at how many celebrities, television shows, commercials, etc. show people sporting their carriers! Good stuff!
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