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Does anyone else...

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sometimes get good positioning with a sling and other times don't? Day before yesterday, I had Audrey in my zolo so good (tummy to tummy). Today, it wasn't so good, even though I did everything I needed to do before (prep the sling, edges are edges etc.) It frustrates me when I can't get it just like I did the day before!

Please tell me I'm not the only one!
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That happens to me with the maya wrap too!
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happens to me too
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That's what made me not a fan of ring slings - sometimes it seems great, and other times so badly positioned! Now that I usually use a pouch, I have the problem much less.
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Yup, that happened to me too, though alot less when I used it regularly.
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yep, me too. Sometimes I have to take her out and just start over
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It used to happen alot when I first started slinging. But gradually I just got into a groove with it. And now it's not nearly such a deal to reposition when occasionally needed the way it was back then.
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Oh my, when I first was a "slinger" I would have to readjust constantly and get a comfy position like 1 time out of 50.

Now it is more like 49 out of 50

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Oh yeah, that happens to me all the time with my pouch slings!
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Wow, thats so odd you should post that because it happens to me ALL the time. I don't get it.
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