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Labor/birth with hand at head

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Does a baby with its arm next to it's head lead to a slower labor?

I know that it "can" slow down decent through the birth canal, but was curious about the actual labor. Might it also cause mom to go past due as maybe baby's head is not pressing down fully on cervix?

Just curious, my 2nd was born waving "HI!" at her daddy and my labor was slower with her than with my first, but slower in a good way, I preferred it and it certainly wasn't long or anything, 7 hours active including birth.

Ok, and one more thing, maybe this was why she was so late? Had I not done the small castor oil dose, is it possible she may have worked her hand out and I would have gone into labor w/her in a more "normal" position?
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I had the same experience with my second - born waving to us. It did slow down my labor, which in my case is a good thing. 5 hours was "slow" for me, so you see what I mean. Though I went early with him (38 wks) not late. And all my others have been late!
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My second baby had his hand up at the side of his head as well.

I was 41 weeks with both of my babies.

DS#1 was a 7 hour labor and then 20 minutes of pushing.

DS#2 was a 4.5 hour labor, but I spent longer pushing (35 or 45 minutes... can't exactly remember). BUT, it was a VERY different pushing process (100% directed by ME, not by the staff) and I just assumed that it was because of the way I pushed, but maybe it was his hand being up there that slowed things down.
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My dh caught my dd but he said her arm was up beside her head. I had her in a hour and half and only pushed a few minutes. So for me I don't think it slowed it down, maybe I would have had her in thirty minutes if her arm hadn't been up there who knows. My dd was born at 38 weeks also.
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My first had his hand beside his head. It was an average length first labor -- 17 hours. He was born at 39 weeks. I reverse dialated and had stalled labor during that 17 hours. He was also posterior. My second was positioned really well. I was fully dilated 2 hours from start of labor.

So, from these posts it sounds like it does stall labor, but doesn't neccesarily make it worse.
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Sam had his hand up to his head (just like in his ultrasound picture) and my labor was 8 hours and 20 minutes from the first contraction to baby out...

The only part of the hand to his head thing that wasn't too fun was my 3rd degree tear...DH tried to slow me down but I HAD to push!!! And out he came hand to his head. Ya know, though, I bet a MW would have felt up there and realized that was happening. Can they move the hand? At least help you slow down? My doc was great but green...

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My second was born with his hand by his face, and that was by far my fastest labor. He was also pretty much right at term, as far as we could determine.

As to why your daughter was late -- all I can say with confidence is that normal gestation time for babies varies quite widely. Aside from that, it's pretty much guesswork as to why one baby takes longer than another.
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My first had his hand up, too. It was a long and not so great labor. I was induced at 41 weeks & had lots of interventions, so maybe this doesn't count???

He got kinda "stuck" and ended up with a vacuum extraction (ugh).

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