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New june mom to be

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Well offically i wasnt going to be a June mommy...Landons due date is July 20...
But the c/sec is scheduled for June 28....
Heres some of my backgroud...
DS was an emargency c/sec for several reason..
When i was pg with DD i tried a VBAC, i got to pushing when my uterus ruptured so i had another c-sec.
Landon will be 3 wks early to prevent my uterus rupturing again, i cant wait to get to know you guys
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I am sorry that your vbac resulted in uterine rupture Congratulations on this pregnancy with your newest little one. At least this time you don't have to stress about the "what ifs" with vbacs. I do commend you for attempting it with your second, though!


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No kidding, brave mama! I hope everything goes well for you...My edd is 6/30 so we could end up with babies on the same day-how cool!

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If you want to join the Birth Blessing group, there's still time.. (barely!!!) but you have to hurry. :LOL Lemme know ASAP.
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