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How do I get an OP baby to turn?

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I'm 38 wks. and my baby is always in the Occiput posterior everytime the midwife checks. What are the best ways to get it to turn? I'm not sure how much time I can realistically spend crawling around on all fours. Experiences?
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Have you been to your chriopractor yet?
Op- isn't that bad- just backwards right? Mine was that way- fine
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If it stays that way then it won't be the end of the world, but it can create back labor and a longer pushing stage, so if I can encourage it to turn, I'd like to try.
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It seems like posterior babies are more of a problem for women having their first babies, but here is a site with lots of good information: http://www.spinningbabies.com
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Chiropractor and lots of time on hands and knees
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I didn't check whether the link mentioned goes into this, but I wanted to add that two 'tricks' I was taught as a doula were to have mom on hands & knees and partner use hands (or their own knees by standing behind her, if you can picture that) and apply a 'double-hip squeeze', or having her rock/circle her hips in this position or while standing. Also during labor you can create a larger space for a babe to turn anterior by lunging with the leg on the side where the back of baby needs to turn to (i.e. - baby's back is to the left, so stand and raise the right leg on a chair a lunge gently to really open that right hip. Now baby can swing round in that open space to face the other way.)

My sense is that rotation may not occur until during descent in labor, although all of that hands & knees rocking is definately worth it.

[ps. also helps to refuse non-necessary induction since a baby who is not ready to come out may not have moved into final position.]

good luck!
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here' a link with lots of info..HTH and good luck mama!

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There's a book called "Back Labor No More" that you might want to invest in. I don't remember the author's name. I didn't read it and was sorry! My DS was not posterior until I took maternity leave and sat around in the recliner all day (I was on leave 2 weeks before DS was born). The last weeks I worked, I straddled the back of a hard chair (LOL-that sounds obscene!) while at my desk, and sat in tailor pose at home as much as I could. Once I was on leave, however, the recliner was where I spent the majority of my time. I'll send you positive spinning vibes!
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Thanks for the info everyone! I'm 39 wks and baby is still facing the wrong way but it's my 4th and I've never had one born that way, so I have faith it will rotate in time. No danger of induction, I'm having another homebirth and don't do any interventions.
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