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need luncheon help FAST

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Okay, I hardly EVER have company over-AT ALL. Maybe once a year. I have a friend that I haven't seen in 10 years coming over tomorrow and I can't think of ANYTHING to serve them. I need something CHEAP and HEALTHY, no pork, no dairy. I want to give him a beautiful meal, as he has been thru alot lately (left a commune, wife left with him then went back, divorced him, left him with the children, almost 2yo and a 5 month old baby, single father, and unemployed.). He is a wonderful brother. He is bringing his 2 children, now 3 and 1. He is coming over to help dh with some "man-chores" (he mostly hangs out with single mamas at play groups so dh came up with "man-chores" for some testosterone fellowship). Can you think of ANYTHING. I'm TOTALLY broke so it'd have to be cheap. FYI-I have lots of basics on hand (flour, brown rice, onions, lentils, pbutter, molasses, eggs, potatoes, carrots, millet, tofu, herbs, pasta, apples).

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Here's one easy dish:
Hot lentil salad:
juice one or two lemons into a bowl, cut an onion (or 2) into thin half onion rings and soak in the lemon juice, add a bit of olive oil and salt. Let soak (the lemon will "cook" the onions) while cooking lentils. Mix in cooked, drained, hot lentils.
Adjust to taste (lemon, salt, pepper).
Serve with rice (either mixed together or on the side), either hot or cold. I like it best cold with hot rice.
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Chili in bread bowls. Guys love it, it's super filling, and it's pretty easy.

Just make some chili. Meatless if you need to.

Do you bake your own bread ever? If not, put it in bowls and have bread on the side. Or buy a bag of King Arthur flour and follow their recipe. (My favorite) Then make loaves about the size of one fist, a bit bigger. One recipe for two loaves makes about 6 bread bowls, generous size. Bake 'em, scoop out from the top, fill. For some reason they don't usually leak. Clean up is simple, cooking can be done in advance. And it's 'man-food'

Your dh sounds sweet to have him over over guy stuff.
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How bout hummus and bagels? You take chick peas, garlic, lemon juice, and salt and pepper and mix it all up, then get a few freshe bagels and cut them into smaller size pieces, then serve the hummus along with?

The also serve your apples and a side dish of rice maybe?

Have a nice visit with your friend!
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Moving this to Nutrition and Good Eating...
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great ideas! keep 'em coming!
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