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This Thread is Dedicated to Child-Led Weaning Mamas!

Poll Results: Would you like a "Child-Led Weaning" Forum/Subforum?

  • 82% (194)
  • 11% (27)
  • 6% (15)
236 Total Votes  
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This is a respectful thread for those who are practicing, or those who wish to learn more about, Child-Led Weaning. It is in no way a flame on those who are not CLW. If you are CLW, or thinking about it, please feel free to vote and join in on the discussion!

And please sign the petition.....

I know there are other mothers here who are dedicated to (or at least interested in) letting their child wean on their own time (aka Child-Led Weaning), I'm just wondering how many. Your child doesn't have to be a certain age for you to be practicing child-led weaning, so anyone is welcome! And those who haven't yet decided (or who are open to having their minds changed) are welcomed with open arms as well.

I am noticing that an additional more specific CLW forum is needed. It wouldn't mean that anyone has to choose between the two, we can all still visit both forums just like we do other forums here at MDC.

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Yes, yes I would.

: )
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I'd contribute to it
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Sounds good to me!
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Thanks Mother Sunshine. Definately yes! It is a totally different thing that we're doing. I think there really needs to be a separate forum. It seems us Child led weaners keep trying to seek eachother out on here but it's hard. We really would benefit from our own separate forum.
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I'd like to see it as a subform here in EB.
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Yes yes yes!!!!

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Count me in!
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I think it's a good idea, because a lot of people want to come into the extended (soon to be sustained! where's the 'crossing my fingers' smilie?) breastfeeding forum because they're planning CLW, but their child isn't 1 yet. Also, not everyone in the extended (sustained!! hee hee) forum IS planning CLW -- some of them are just planning parent-led weaning at a greater age than 12 mos. So there should be a separate CLW forum.
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I think this is a great idea, I'd love to see it.. SBFMommy: the crossing fingers smiley is here ---> : And I think that CLW should be a subforum of 'Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy'. :
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Count me in--doing child led weaning with child #3 .
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Yes! I would love it!
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Yes please!
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Oh wow, I didn't know there really was one -- I was just kidding! : Thanks!
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i think it would be great to have it as a sub-forum of the extended breastfeeding forum.

great idea!
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Yes! There are some very different issues when you are practicing child-led weaning. Not that I still wouldn't contribute to the regular EN board but I would love to be able to talk with a group of women who are practicing child-led weaning as I am.
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I am hoping that some of the mamas who voted "no" would mind saying why. I know debates can get nasty sometimes but lets just keep it as friendly and straightforward as possible.

The reason I say this is because at first I wasn't sure if I'd want a separate forum. My reason was that I was worried that maybe some mamas who were "extended": breastfeeding and didn't know about Child led Weaning wouldn't be exposed to it and have the opportunity to learn about it and the mamas who "practice" it. Then I realized that everytime they did the "forum jump" to "Extended" Breastfeeding they would see that Child Led Weaning Forum and be free to lurk or ask questions and decide if that is what's right for them. I was also worried that the CLWers wouldn't be on the EB forum as much and there would be less advice that might be needed. However, I know that I, and probably many others, would still visit the EB forum for things like this anyway. So, I hope I'm making sense and I hope those who voted "no" will state their reason so we can explore all the possibilties of this.
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I voted yes, but will expand on one of my reasons too. I'm nursing a 4 year old, make that 4 1/2 this month! Even here on MDC, that is pushing the envelope for some people! The support of like-minded mamas is much appreciated
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hey callmemama, my ds is OVER 4 1/2!! Welcome to my world!

Great idea for a new forum!
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