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You know you're poor when...... Just for fun! - Page 2

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you know you're poor when:
...you're taking notes from a free online e-book called "Possom Living".link
...you're trying to figure out if you can catch enough fish to make buying a fishing liscence pay for itself
...you want to take up archery so that you can go hunt your own wild range animals
...you cut everyone's hair yourself (including your own! )
...you clean everything from your teeth to the toilet with baking soda
...you 'rent' your videos from the library
...eating out means buying one item from the super value menu so that your dc can play on the indoor playground (gah! yes, we've done this)
...you walk everywhere to save on gas money
...you take the tired sad old holey cd's and reuse the fabric to make cloth mamapads.
...you go commando bc your old patched undies have disintegrated
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Originally Posted by serenetabbie
you know you're poor when ....
the back of your pick-up doubles as a kiddie pool after a good rain.
Honey, you just described my childhood to a t....

I'm so glad to know others patched up the diaper covers with duct tape, let me tell you....

You know you are poor when:
Your young child knows the public transportation schedule and "which number goes with which route" better than you do,
The furniture the university students are putting out for the garbage truck is a LOT nicer than yours ,
You get a fancy present and your first thought is..."I wonder how much the resale store would give me for this",
Your internet friends are sending you boxes of skimpy skivvies so you and dh can stop fretting over money for two seconds and rock the casbah
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You know you are poor when you have to dig between the couch cushions for change, check winter coat pockets in the back of the closet for money, and cash in deposit cans so you can buy a loaf of bread. Unfortunately, been there, done that, don't wanna do it again.
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When your dd is the bank and you are always in overdraft.
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tonight we added a new one. ds was really excited to get a peanut butter sandwich. we have been out of bread waaaaay too long.
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When your kids don't have sand box but a 'dirt box'
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