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might be due in jan

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well, i was using nfp, but we may have had an oops this cycle. LOL any other charters on the board?

i already have a dd who was born 11-22-03 (Due 12-12-03). if i am pregnant, i will be due on 1-12-05. anyone else have closely spaced babes?
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I might be due the same day as you! We had an oops...I posted in the main I'm Pregnant Board....can you read my post and let me know if you have/had any similar symptoms.


maybe we'll be due date buddies
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Wow, that is close!! We were charting, but trying to get pg. Everybody always says that there will be some tough times, but that the closeness in age btw your dc will make them best buds, so it is worth it. Plus they will always have a playmate that is about their age. I definitely like to think of it as a positive thing. My 2 sisters are 11 months apart, and grew up like twins - very close (usually).

Good luck and glad to have you here!
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