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Behind my baby's ears

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My little one is 3 months old and always has this crud behind his ears. I try to wash it off every other day, but he also gets these little cracks and bleeds right where the earlobe meets the head. What can I do about this?
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My dd had the same thing when she was a baby. We didn't do anything special, other than wash back there, and it went away on its own eventually. I don't remember how long it took, though. Maybe it's bleeding because you're scrubbing too hard? I wouldn't worry too much about getting it off--it will disappear on its own. I have no idea what it is, though. Possibly a form of cradle cap? Maybe someone else has more information for you!
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My girls got it too. I think theirs was caused by shampoo build up from not getting it washed behind there. I would gently rub it with a wash cloth to loosen it. You should be able to put some baby oil on it to soften it too. They all outgrew it when they started sitting up and getting their hair washed that way. My 2yo still gets it sometimes but she really fights getting her hair wash so I do a quick job of it and probably don't always get all the shampoo out.
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Hum, my ds does have really bad cradle cap. Maybe it is part of that.

I do the oil and it really helps. I just hate seeing dried blood behind his little ears.
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My dd had the same same thing when she was a few months old. I just tried to wash it and eventually it stopped happening. Thats interesting if shampoos or cradle cap are connected.
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My DS gets it, but he has never had soap on him. I think it is dry skin.
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Zeke had that. We always put a little petroleum jelly back there after his bath, and it seemed to help. I couldn't stand seeing the dried blood, either.
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My ds has this too right now...I am just glad to read others saying this is normal.
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My 3mo. had it too, but it's getting better. I just put a little mineral oil on it, let it "soak" in, then scrub it when I give her a bath. It's slowly going away. I bottlefeed and always hold her to my left, and when some leaks out of her mouth it always goes in that direction. I'm wondering if maybe it was formula build-up or irritation, as gross as that sounds. I was not real good about cleaning behind her ears because she only gets 2 baths a week, and then one day I noticed the scabs and crust and I've been really good about it since!

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