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Hotslings - cotton or stretch?

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I know many of you have Hotslings pouches and I would love to hear your opinions on cotton versus stretch cotton fabric. I've never used a pouch or a ring sling so I don't know what my "preferences" are. Also, did you opt for the leg padding or not? I will definitely be getting a one layer sling and dd is 25lbs at 10 months. I anticipate using it for shorter periods when she is in an up and down kind of mood. I would use a wrap or ABC for longer carries at this point.
Can this pouch be used from newborn right through to toddler or do you need different sizes at different stages?
Thanks for your opinions!
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I personally prefer a pouch with a little stretch to it. I think the give in the shoulder area makes the sling much more comfortable, but some people say it makes no difference for them. I also opted for the leg padding because the reason I can't use my Maya Pouch anymore is that the fabric is too tight on dd's legs (she's about 25 lbs) and she didn't seem comfortable anymore. I've found the hotslings stretch pouch with leg padding to be very comfortable for both of us.

As for whether you can use one size pouch from newborn to toddler, it depends if your weight tends to fluctuate a lot. My weight yoyo's and I could not get away with only having one size pouch for the whole time. I acutally used all the settings on my KKAFP at one time or another, so having a pouch be adjustable is worth it to me. Sometimes it happens that as the baby grows and takes up more space in the pouch, you are losing weight and taking up less space in the pouch, so one size will work from newborn to toddler.
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I have one of each( one stretch and one regular) and I like them both. I live in Louisiana so it is HOT, and I feel comfortable so far. DS is 18lbs at 4 1/4 mos and I don't have the leg rails. After long periods in the pouch DS gets red marks but doesn't seem bothered by them. He seems comfy. He seems to prefer the stretch- he is used to a KKAFP, but he is also happy in the Hula girl.

They have both have been a lifesaver this week- first cold
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I have a two layer cotton hotsling with leg rail, and the leg rail is really nice for Fallon and doesn't add much bulk to the sling at all. I haven't tried the stretch hotsling, but I do normally prefer my pouches with a stretch twill or stretch corduroy. If you're only going for a single layer I say go for the stretch, and add the leg rail.
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Forgot to add... I really love my hotsling. I think the two layer cotton is super comfortable, even with my 25lb-er.
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