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the next stage begins!

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iris took her first steps tonight!!!
thomas is not far behind
i think he is going to go sideways first tho'
(at least that's what he does when holding hands)

any quick advice for life w/ toddler twins??
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How fun. I love moments and times like that.

Quick advice?


....ask dh to watch them and take a long soak, with candles & music---do this as many times a week as you can
...bolt down EVERYTHING :LOL
...rest as much as you can.....
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My personal advice is to childproof as much as you possibly can...sockets, cabinets, toilets, drawers, take everything off your coffee tables...and just let them explore!!

If you have the space, leave one cabinet in the kitchen unlatched and keep stuff in there that they can play with. Tupperware bowls, wooden spoons, measuring cups, etc. My girls love "their" cabinet!

If you have stairs, put the gate up 2 steps and let them practice on just those 2 bottom steps. They love it and can get some good practice w/o it being dangerous.

Enjoy watching them walk around. It opens up the whole house like never before to them! Now you can look forward to when they start climbing...all the chairs to my kitchen table are now turned over on the floor. I have one agile climber in my house!

mom to Avery & Natalie 10/14/02
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