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Help from the Midwives and experienced mamas...

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I am currently 6 weeks pregnant - Due December 18th. The past two days I have noticed a discharge I find to be a little bit troubling. First there was some very slight spotting, just a bit of pink when I wiped, then it has been coming and going as a mucousy brownish discharge. Only one time tonight a little more pink again.

I have noticed some small cramping off and on, but I read that that can be normal around this time in pregnancy. So it's the discharge I'm more concerned about, but both together - anyway, I just need some input from the pros - what do you think I ought to do about this?

I am very reluctant to see any doctors or go to a hospital for causing any unnecessary stress and trauma. I am already in the midst of moving to another state, and as of now, have not established prenatal care beyond having bloodwork done here because of our pending move.

So what do you think it is?
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There are several situations that can result in early pregnancy spotting.

One is that you are having some implantation type of spotting. Sometimes at around 2 weeks or so after conception, when the egg implants in the uterus, you will have some spotting. Now, you are a little late for this, but everyone goes at their own pace, and I think that it is still a possibility in your situation.

Also, overdoing things can cause a little bleeding.

Having sex can cause slight bleeding, especially if your cervix is a little fragile.

And finally, of course a miscarriage will cause bleeding; but a whole lot more than you have so far described.

It is normal to have some spotting early on in pregnancy. With both of my pregnancies I experienced spotting. One for no reason; the other I guess was technically a miscarriage; when they did an ultrasound, they found one baby and one undeveloped sac that was sloughing off.

The pink tinge is from newer blood; the brown shows that the blood is old. Brown is much better than pink.

Oh, another thought is that a vaginal infection can sometimes cause enough irritation that you will experience some slight bleeding.

Also low progesterone levels will cause spotting and can eventually lead to miscarriage. If your levels are too low to maintain a pregnancy, you need to be supplemented with progesterone until about the fourth month, when the placenta is big enough to take of production.

Mild cramping is normal as the uterus grows. However, urinary tract infections, overdoing things, and miscarriage will cause cramping, as well.

Take it easy for a day, get 2000mg vit C in divided doses (meaning take 500mg four times a day), and drink a ton of fluids. If the bleeding remains (particularaly the pink spotting) or increases, or if the cramping doesn't resolve, I would definately contact a doc or, better yet, a midwife. It is probably nothing, but you don't want to blow something more serious off.

Take care, hope this helps!

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It does help, thank you. I do have low progesterone levels when my bloodwork was taken, but I have increased my progesterone supplement hopefully enough to make up the difference.

I am watching the discharge closely to make sure nothing worse happens.
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I just noticed this thread. I wanted to know how you are feeling...both physically and emotionally. I know that if anything were to be wrong with this pregnancy, I would be having a very hard time. Let me know if you need to talk. Are you still having bleeding? You are in my thoughts sweet mama.
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I am still bleeding, actually. In fact, the blood has changed from brownish to bright red, much like a period, and has been this way for the past two days. However, I have been paying very close attention, and as of yet haven't noticed any large clots or anything, so I am still unsure as to what to think.

I fear that a visit to the doctor right now would not be wise, causing more stress than I need and also a u/s, I don't feel it's safe right now at all. And here in St. Louis midwives aren't exactly coming out of the woodwork. I might be able to track one down to ask some questions...

So I'm still waiting it out to see what happens.

And yes, if anyone is wondering, I am very scared, and still trying to think positively, if that makes any sense.
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Sending you lots of love and lush, uterine lining with a happy baby vibes.
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I had bleeding and spotting with dd.Turns out i had a yeast infection.Got that cleared up but the bleeding continued.So I literally sat on my but or the couch the whole time.it was worth it though!
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You are in my thoughts and prayers sweet Mama!
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Originally Posted by saintmom
... the bleeding continued.So I literally sat on my but or the couch the whole time.it was worth it though!
It looks like I might be doing the same - still bleeding heavily and I notice that if I am more active, I cramp SO heavily, it is SO painful. And by active, I mean standing up or walking. It's ridiculous, especially since we are currently staying with friends and our bedroom is on the third floor and their apartment is on a very high-ceilinged second floor! Stairs are unaviodable for me right now. Luckily they have an upstairs balcony so at least I can get some sun. Sigh.
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