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what would you buy - 27lb toddler - under $50

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Hey ladies - We will be doing quite a bit of traveling in airports this summer and I want to purchase a new sling. I have been using a Nojo that was secon-hand from my SIL and I hate it. I never feel like it is tight enough and constantly keep a hand around dd so she isn't wobbly.

I need something that is not to hot (think Texas in July) for toting around my toddler and I would also like to be able to use the same sling to tote a newborn in the near future (TTC soon).

I would like to spend less than $50.00 but would spend more on something great.

If you could help me out I'd appreciate it. I just feel lost in this area.
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I don't have a ton of babywearing experience but I just got a Moby wrap for my 25lb 10 month old dd and I am loving it! I feel that she is very secure, I hardly feel her weight it is so well distributed and I am really looking forward to snuggling a newborn up in it in the future. I was overwhelmed by the length of it at first but it is super easy to learn - I had her on my front in the wrap cross carry just a few minutes after receiving it. And it is possible to tie it on you and leave it there, popping baby in and out as you need to. Some people have said that the Ellaroo woven wrap is a little more secure because it doesn't have the stretch so you may want to look into that as well although I haven't had any problems at all with the Moby being stretchy. Good luck and let us know what you find!
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If you want another one-shouldered sling, I'd say get a hot sling with the padded leg rail. It makes a great hip carrier for a toddler and a great sling for a newborn. And the price is right, plus it meets your need for coolness.

If you'd like a 2-shouldered carrier, I'd for for an ABC like a Kozy (I think she has some options under $50), an EBMT, Baby Backtie, etc.

I'd second the Moby rec except for the hot factor. Living here in the hot-muggy-hot deep south, it's just too many layers of fabric for summer.
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You want an Asain Baby Carrier (ABC), also known as a Mei Tei! They usually go for around $50. Try Packababy , Equanimity Baby, or Kozy Carrier ! If you sew, they are really easy to make. I made mine in about 2 hours, for about $12. There are lots of instructions online on how to make them. Try visiting the baby wearer for more info. They have reviews and links on buying or making ABCs and all types of carriers.
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I really like the Maya Wrap...it is very versatile, and I can still carry my 34lber in it. I also love it for newborns!
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