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Yeah!! Pictures!!

I'm so excited! I just printed
and Mamjaza's pictures!
Thanks for sharing.
Now I have them to look at while I read the posts.
And, it just dawned on me that lots of moms in our group will deliver before I do. I'm so excited that I'll (hopefully) get to read lots of July delivery stories since I'm not due until the 21st of July.
If any other moms have links to the pics, I'd love to print them, too.
I'm not so computer savy, so I'll have to figure out how to add mine.
Best wishes to everybody!!
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Thanks for the recipe Mamajaza! I copied it down and will try it out this week. I've been on a lentil kick anyway, red lentils, black beluga lentils, yum, yum. As far as I know, lentils do not require soaking, which is why they are a favorite of mine, since my ability to plan in advance waxes and wanes!
I have a fabulous recipe for dahl with tomatoes and fried cheese. It's delicious, but time consuming, though not labor intensive. I'll post it if anyone is interested and energetic.
Michelle~I know what you mean, I love looking at everyones' pictures. If I could get dh to take a relatively decent one of me I'll post it too!
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oops I just realized its the 15th...better go check for a new thread...
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