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Brag for my DH!

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I just have to share with someone, and I don't know anyone IRL who will be duly excited about this. Today I worked for 5 hours, and while my son usually comes to work with me in the sling, today I left him with his dad. Well, my husband took Devlin to Babies R Us to get him a new carseat and then he went out to lunch afterward...and he SLUNG HIM THE WHOLE TIME! Didn't even take the stroller! I'm so proud. He doesn't have much practice with the sling (it's a maya, I've showed him how to use it a couple of times but the babe is usually on me so he doesn't get much of a chance to practice ). Anyway, I was very surprised that without any encouragement from me, he would take the initiative all on his own. My DH is an extremely practical person, he is really not into using something if it doesn't work, just because somebody else thinks it's cool. So the fact that he would take the baby out in the sling without any prodding from me is a testament to its usefulness. And, as if this wasn't enough, he used cloth dipes while they were out! Be still my heart. I mean, we don't have any disposables in the house so I don't know what choice he had, but Devlin was in a prefold when I got home, not even an AIO! What a great day...
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For your DH!

I would be really excited about that too!
My DH has his own sling and loves to wear DD.
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How wonderful!!! Good for your DH
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