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June Mamas May 2-May 8

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Wow, Grease, sucky day! If dh was like that, I would just get the sign anyway. Tell him he can take it down when he is home and he can be the ONLY one to deal with those people, but you are the one at home all the time and you don't want to. Once my dh had to be the only one to do certain things we disagreed about, he quickly came around to my POV.

QoC-glad to hear you are doing good with the PTL. Hopefully the house thing will fall into place.

Well, we helped a friend move yesterday. I am pretty sad, she's now about 50 min away and we just became friends! Her son is the same age as Tain and they sure had fun playing together in the dirt-they moved way out in the country. Hey, their landlord said he had treated the porch with something that wasn't safe for them to be barefoot on-does anyone know anything about this? Hannah said she had heard something about what they used to treat picnic tables with being highly toxic, but it seems weird that they couldn't walk around barefoot on it or that it was still being used. Who treats a porch with something you can't walk on anyway? It was so muddy there yesterday that their shoes were totally gross and we didn't want them in the house. Anyway, I think we will still see each other fairly often-dh wants to play rugby this summer and he would be more inclined to do it if I had somewhere to go/someone to hang with on practice days when he is gone so long. So we'll just start a gas fund for the trip out there twice a week!

Well, that's about all, ds and I took a long bath this morning-we were both pretty grimy.

Seems like my belly is huge all of the sudden. I looked in the mirror this morning and was amazed-when did that happen?! LOL
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I've been feeling like there is no way I'm going to make it to my due date. Hopefully I can go 38-39 weeks, but I'm starting to get that shuffling walk and dh keeps saying he thinks the baby is coming!

I'm just going to make a sign myself. Dh was actually more understanding about it. He reminded me that I have to get really specific - for example, people who are asking for donations aren't really "solicitors." He also said the signs won't necessarily stop anyone; sometimes people will knock and try to sell you stuff anyway! He said that when he was a salesman, his supervisor told him that a sign meant the person had no sales resistance. What it means for me is that I don't have any money, I'm never impressed with what is being sold, and I value my privacy!

I've often wondered why people try to sell things in what is obviously not a rich neighborhood, but I think it's because what they are selling is crap.

I used to just never answer my door. I had a sign for my friends explaining that if they hadn't called first to let me know they were coming, I would not come to the door. I could start doing that again, but then I'd have to keep all the curtains closed; otherwise they would see me and figure I was some kind of weirdo who just doesn't like to answer the door. And they're right! I don't really like answering the phone either. I don't like things that are loud. E-mail is nice and quiet. That's what I prefer!
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No Soliciting

My home's previous owners had one of these signs, and I left it up. It definitely doesn't stop charitable soliciters, and I've had a couple of the regular kind knock, too. Some people have no shame. My dad sells insurance, but only to people who have seen an advertisement, called and requested an appointment. Cold callers are violating the social contract, IMHO, and should be run off your porch with a shotgun. :nana:

I've been pretty nice to the people who've knocked anyway, but as soon as I get a "Mother and Baby Are Resting" sign I am going to make mincemeat out of anybody who touches my knocker or doorbell. Anyhow, I wouldn't bother to specify about charities - because I promise, they'll be knocking anyhow. I always tell them "Our household is on a budget, and dh and I have a rule that we never donate more than X dollars to any cause without consulting each other first." Then I give them X dollars and wind up screaming on the phone to get taken off their call list for the next 12 months, because I am a great big sucker.

Anyhow, either the baby is too big or my uterus is too small, because all this discomfort can't POSSIBLY be normal (mw and mom and MIL all say it is, so I'm just whining, not truly concerned). Dh washed the nursery walls yesterday and is supposed to paint them today, but it's 11:30 and he's still asleep. We are having no luck finding a crib that I would trust to keep a moderately determined toddler in. In summation - aaaaargh.
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We are having no luck finding a crib that I would trust to keep a moderately determined toddler in.
We bought a baby gate, where you attach hardware to the doorframe, and it swings like a door (basically permanent) If your goal is to not have your toddler running around the house at night while you sleep this will suffice. However, it won't keep said toddler in bed. Sometimes, when I check on him at bedtime, I find DS passed out on the floor next to a block castle, or a Duplo creation that he's apparently built v-e-r-y q-u-i-e-t-l-y. He's a pretty deep sleeper, so I just tuck him back into bed. There isn't any furniture in his room besides the bed.
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Harriet, we have furniture that we can't put elsewhere (i.e. bunk beds) and the room has an attached bath, so I'd really like a secure crib that the baby can nap in safely during the day and then stay in all night once he's graduated from our bed. This will also enable me to let the dogs walk into the nursery while baby sleeps - they like to check up on everybody at regular intervals. I'm hoping to transition to the bottom bunk bed around age 3, assuming I have a somewhat reasonable child who will not get up, let himself out the front door and wander the neighborhood at 5 in the morning like one of my cousins did

After all the cribs at Babies R Us that cost less than $600 were determined to be total pieces of crap, we went to our local unfinished furniture store, where the owner told us that the best value-for-quality in town was a British-made crib at the Bon Marche that sold for around $400. Freakin' A.
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Blah, blah, icky blah.

Just had to get that out!

Eli has been asking to nurse often and hardcore... getting a decent amount of colostrum just thrills him and it feels like every other word out of his mouth is "Nursie-nursie!" Thankfully I found my tube of Lansinoh two nights ago, so I'm not in agony anymore. At least, not when I remember it. :LOL

Three nights ago, Eli woke up screaming and obviously in pain from something. Mike gave him some tylenol and some rescue remedy and he went back to sleep. The next evening when he got tired, he went to Mike and asked for "A milk-milk [what we call his bottles of soy] and medicine, please". Something's definately bothering him. I really really hope it's not migraines, and I also hope that there's something we can do about it! I don't really want him to have tylenol every night before he goes to sleep, kwim?

Yesterday, my mom and I went to a bunch of garage sales. I had a great time looking around, and bought a few nifty toys for cheap (we finally have some duplo blocks! ) but apparently nobody has baby girls in the summer. I could find loads of boy clothing in every size from preemie to 10, but the girl's stuff was seriously limitied. I think the smallest size I could find anything in was a 6-9 month, and that definately won't work (unless NewBean is a butterball, which I'm inclined to doubt). I'm still really bummed, because after going through Eli's clothing I've determined that most of it can't possibly be misconstrued for feminine or even gender-neutral. Because Eli was so 'pretty' (still is! ) all of his clothing has always been distinctly masculine. I saw something really adorable in the mall which I may break down and buy for NewBean to come home in... assuming there's anything *to* break down after we buy some bookshelves with our tax refund.

I was told several times that I look too small to be due this summer... it's so strange, because I was pregnant with Eli over the summer and people couldn't believe that I was only in the second trimester. From about 18 weeks on, people were saying things like "I hope you don't have that baby here!!", whereas this time, I get "Really? You're due in 2 months? You must be having a small baby!" It's strange how you can carry so differently each time, but still measure the same way. With Eli, as with NewBean, I measured right on target for dates at every appoinment. However, I've been wearing some shortalls from last pregnancy which fit like skins at 25 weeks with him but are very comfortable even when buttoned this time.

Oh, and being out in the sun all day, I naturally got a sunburn. : This morning, I have lovely brown spots on my cheeks. *sigh* I suppose that sunscreen isn't a luxury item after all. Eli did not burn at all, he just got darker and darker. :LOL
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Yard sales... For some reason I have been getting the itch to stop at every one I see!! I know they are a great place to pick up stuff cheap, and Im cheap =). I want to be buying all kinds of baby clothes, Ive seen some super cute stuff lately and if I knew the sex of this baby, I'd have a closet full already! Probably a good thing I dont know, I dont have room for anything anyway, and I haven't even dragged out the box of newborn clothes yet!

We have one four drawer dresser in the kids room and four drawers under DD bed. DD's clothes fill her drawers, no way around that. In the dresser I have two drawers of diapers and one each for DS and new baby... Until last week I had three drawers of dipes. Thats a problem, LOL, especially when DS wont wear cloth for more than a few minutes. I had to move some of his dipes to the drawers in DDs nightstand... Yikes. Im overrun!! Anyone have any ideas for dealing with this?

Yesterday we went to a May Day celebration. It was lots of fun watching the Beltane ritual and the May Pole. I sat out so that I could keep eyes on DD and DS, although for some reason, DDs favorite place to play is always in a spot where I cant see her. It was frustrating, having to haul my huge a$$ off the ground and around the copse of trees to tell her to come back... And I mean like 5-6 times in 30 minutes... I wanted to tether the child to a stake to keep her in vision... I was so ready to leave.

Today we went to the mall cause my huge rear is growing out of all but the largest two pair of pants I own =(. Thats so depressing. You know whats worse? NOT A DAMN THING IN MOTHERHOOD WILL FIT ME NOW. Thats depressing!! I found Sears has some plus size maternity clothes now, nothing I liked, but it was there, so when I get desperate I'll go back. I found a neat little Indian store (new) in our mall and bought a skirt (the wrinkly swishy kind) for $15.99!! Yeah!! It will fit me forever!!! It actually goes around my belly with tons of room to spare. I am so happy about it. But my feet hurt like mad!!

QoC- good luck with the house hunting tomorrow!! Take plenty of water with you and rest as much as you can! You have to wait until you get your blessing bracelet at least~LOL!!

Smithie- Walmart carries cribs, and the ones they sell are guaranteed to not have been recalled. I just checked, and they have a decent selection online for less than $200. Im not a huge fan of Walmart, but when you need a low price, they got it, and when you live on the budget we have the last few years, you need that =)
Also, if your toddler turns into a climber, you can get the tent thing that fits over the top to keep them from climbing out, but Im not sure how long that will last until they learn how to escape it too... I say garage the top bunk bed (or at least the ladder) and get door locks for the bathroom. Good Luck!!
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Great suggestion! The Walmart website has several cribs that I haven't seen elsewhere. I am going to call the closest Supcenter and see what they have out on the floor.

Not that I condone their labor practices, or anything. :
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UGH! It's 3:19 and I'm awake. I've been awake since 1:00. I'm sick! I kept trying to convince myself all weekend that it was just allergies but my whole body aches, I can't breathe, I have a sore throat and now my intestines feel all icky too! I was feeling very lucky last week that I hadn't been sick this whole pregnancy. I guess I jinxed myself! I've ended up taking sudafed and tylenol which I hate doing when I'm pregnant but I have to do something and nothing else seems to be working. I just wanted to sleep! I honesty don't know how I'm going to be able to function tomorrow. Sometimes I miss working for the sole fact that I can take a day off when I need to. Some reason I just can't get my kids to give me the day off! Hopefully the drugs will kick in soon and I'll be able to get some sleep.

whine over!
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Hi everyone happy May!! Hard to believe we're almost there!

Grease- ((hugs)) I know it must be hard with your DH being so busy. Our house is a pigsty and I can't figure out how it's ever going to get cleaned up. I think it sounds like a great deal to get someone to help clean for $10/hr. I used to clean houses and our base price was like, $60, and that usually amounted to about 1/2 day cleaning.

QoC- Very relieved to hear you are doing better. Here's hoping that baby will stay put for a couple more weeks!

mattjule- I know that pressure-treated wood contains arsenic and has been found to leech into the soil in small amounts. It can be dangerous if you're going to be growing vegetables in your yard but I've never heard that you can't go barefoot because of it.

2girlsmommy- Sorry you're sick, I was sick and couldn't sleep last week, it is sooo miserable. ((hugs)) I hope you feel better soon!

We had a Children's Beltane ritual Saturday, DH and I volunteered to coordinate it. We had a great time, it was DS's first maypole and I thought he did sooo well!! It was all very comical of course with the parents and the little kids trying to go over and under but Owen just kept on trucking. DH & I thought he's definately done this in a past life, LOL!

We managed to do the maypole before the rain started but it pretty much rained the whole weekend after that. There was a local farm tour going on and we had planned to hit a couple farms at least and then go to another Beltane ritual on Sat. We ended up dodging the rain drops to make it to one farm on Sunday afternoon. It was soo great! They mostly had fiber animals, chickens, and a couple of horses along with a few veggies and herbs. I WANT THAT LIFE

I'm almost afraid to say this in case it jinx's me but lately I've not been having so much pain in my hips and sciatica. The baby has been hanging out all on my left side though and sometimes he/she will jab down into my stomach. It almost feels like a cramp you get from exercising too soon after eating but I can tell it's the baby pushing on me. I keep telling him/her "there's a whole uterus there."
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Hello, everyone! I'm still hanging out, so I made it to the midwive's goal-date (today). Woohoo!

We have a midwife appt and the pre-registration at the hosptital today. I need to get some work done from home today, and I'd really, really, really like to get all the thank-you notes from our shower yesterday sent out today so it won't be looming over my head (I wrote the notes last night, just have to address them today).

Everyone kept telling me to expect to get nothing but onsies and cutesy newborn clothing at the shower - but far from it! We did not get one single piece of clothing - all useful stuff off the registry or fun extras (like a handmade baby blanket and lullabye cds). We even got enough giftcards, cash, and checks to buy a carseat on the way home! Its now installed - and I really feel like a parent.

My mother-in-law is flying in on Wednesday, and she says I have to wait for her to have the baby! She's very excited, and I'm looking forward to having her here for the next few weeks. (Did I mention she's a great cook, too?)

AND, my final bit of news is that we put a bid in on another house last night! We're completly over our dissapointment about the last house, and this house has more bedrooms and is in perfect-move-in-condition. YAY! We should here back about the bid today!!! Please keep your fingers crossed for me...
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QoC ~ Glad you are still hanging out with us! Good luck with the bidding!! Sounds like you had a really nice shower. Mine is in a couple of weeks...looking forward to seeing everyone!

So not sure what was going on with me yesterday but I felt VERY crampy and uncomfortable. We were celebrating my b-day at my parents and I had to keep going into another room and lying down. Everyone was all concerned and kept asking...are you having contractions? I was like...ummmm...don't know...I've never had contractions before so I have no idea what they feel like.

I drank a few sips of wine to see if that would help but it really didn't. Lying down was the only thing that felt good. So I spent a good part of my party sprawled out on the couch.

This morning....I feel back to normal...who knows? I see my mw on Friday so I'll chat with her about it.

Anyway...happy Monday and happy MAY (OMG...can't believe we are one month away)!!!

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New link to Birth Blessing list

Good morning. I'm feeling very okay right now. :LOL I'm seriously thinking about cutting all of my hair off.. like, down to less than half an inch (if that!). Right now, it's about 6 inches past my shoulders, maybe a bit longer. This is the longest I've let my hair get since I was 11 years old and I hacked it all off. :LOL It drives me crazy when it's hot outside, but at the same time it looks really cute when it's combed, so I'm a bit torn. The thing is, I know it'll grow back really quickly; if I shave it all off in two weeks as I'm planning to, by the time Eli's birthday rolls around it'll be long enough to do stuff with again (if I don't keep it short). I know I'll love it once I actually do it, but it's so hard for me to part with my long hair. :LOL Of course, it's chillly outside today; if it was warm, I'd be clamoring for the clippers for sure. I should really stop whining about it. :LOL

Now, I'm going to log off and do some beading! :grin If I don't have beads from you yet, visit the link & pm me to let me know what your preference is, okay? Thanks! Oh, and Erin (I think that was you): I want to thank you for sending that needle.. I've never used one like it, but it's incredibly useful as the eye is big enough for two strands of embroidery floss, yet small enough to pass through the beads. You're terribly clever!
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I think I need to stop reading birth books. I don't feel that "I'm too uncomfortable, get the baby out now" immediacy, but I do feel so ready to birth that I don't want to wait anymore! I am so excited to see my new little son that I don't know how I am going to get through almost 2 whole months still! I don't remember being this excited this early with Tain, but then again, I have a better idea of what to expect this time and that has made me more excited. I am going to try to work on his quilt today and that is the last thing on my list to have ready.

I get short of breath a lot this pregnancy. It is kind of irritating. It's the only problem I have that I didn't have with Tain (though I had everything else!). Seems like if it isn't my stomach after I eat, it's the baby.

Anyone know when swelling starts to be an issue? I remember swelling with Tain, but so far so good this time (knock on wood), though I am only 32 wks right now. Wondering when to expect it to hit-I don't think I am going to avoid it.

Brooke-could you put up some shelving (L-brackets and boards) on the walls and use that for dipes to make room in the dresser for clothes? Or maybe baskets for dipes, if your little ones wouldn't make too much of a mess out of them?

As far as solicitors go, I have never had a problem with auto-dialers like I have here. That's how they get around that "take me off your list" thing. I can't tell you how much I hate the Disabled American Veterans. They call every 2 wks for donations early in the morning, with an autodialer so I can't get off the list! ARG! Live donation solicitors I tell them if I donated to them, they'd be giving me charity! And it's true so that pretty much ends the conversation. The live cold call selling I tell them "I'm not interested, thanks" and hang up while they are taking a breath for the next spiel. Occasionally I just hang up, like the other day when we were on our way out the door and the phone rang and I didn't have the patience to wait. Lots of times I hang up during that space of dead air after you pick up and before they start talking. Caller ID helps. We don't get door to door stuff. Maybe b/c we live in an apt complex? We get God people once in a while, but probably only twice in the last yr so it isn't a big deal. They don't try to come in, they just give me a flyer and invite me to church so it isn't too bad.

Anyway, good luck with the crib shopping, Smithie, I checked the tracking BTW (I gave you the wrong number) and you should have the box today!
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Mattjule - Are you on the national do not call list? We haven't been getting any calls since we signed up (though we do get political messages on our voice mail).

I didn't find that caller ID helped because if it's a solicitor it shows up as "Unavailable" which can also be a company I currently do business with, or even some people from out of state. So I never knew who it was. Also, it meant I'd have to run to the phone to check the ID, which was a waste of time.

There was a knock at our door around 7 pm last night and I just ignored it. For a while this neighbor of ours was always coming by. I think she's just lonely, but sorry, I'm not much for socializing. She would come over and say "Oh, I found this little toy my son never plays with, does Linda want it?" But I think it was just an excuse. Last time she came over, she brought us ice cream. She's perfectly nice, but I just value my privacy too much. Besides, often I'm not wearing much around the house and it's such a PIA to scramble around trying to get dressed while someone is knocking.

I'm going to make my sign now!
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Anyone know when swelling starts to be an issue? I remember swelling with Tain, but so far so good this time (knock on wood), though I am only 32 wks right now. Wondering when to expect it to hit-I don't think I am going to avoid it.
For me it started about 1-2 weeks ago (I'm 34 weeks now). It's not too bad...mainly just in the afternoon/evening my ankle bones disappear and my ring gets tight.

I took off my wedding/engagement rings a couple of weeks ago and have been wearing a substitute wedding ring (that used to fit my middle finger) but even that gets tight late in the day.

Oh, and Erin (I think that was you): I want to thank you for sending that needle.. I've never used one like it, but it's incredibly useful as the eye is big enough for two strands of embroidery floss, yet small enough to pass through the beads. You're terribly clever!
Glad you like it. I use them for my knitting projects when I want to add beads to the fringe etc.

I am (once again) SOOOOO distracted and not wanting to do any work....four more weeks until my leave starts! YAY!

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I can't tell you how much I hate the Disabled American Veterans.

When taken out of context, that sounds really awful.

So excited to see your creations, Julie! Dh managed to get the nursery taped last night and i assembled all his painting stuff, so hopefully I should be able to get a crib this week and set everything up this weekend. This is my 36th week, so I'd better get cracking!

I just tried to take of my rings and they are a bit tighter than usual, but nothing major. I'm hoping not to have a big swelling problem - walking helps, right?

My big dog ate 49 EPO capsules, which the vet said won't hurt him, but I need to go out and get some more and also som RRL tea. Time to get things moving in there, since the powers that be have me on a clock!

QoC, I'm so glad you made your mw's goal date! Relax and enjoy! Hopefully the head will be not-so-huge!
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The Do Not Call registry is great, but it doesn't cover non-profits, surveys, or political calls. For the places with the auto-dialers, I call them back and ask to be removed. The calls I really really hate are the ones that only leave messages on anwsering machines, if a real live person picks up they hang up. UG!

Caller ID helps, but I still have to pick up "Unknown" calls because my mother travels a lot and her hotels show up as unknown.

I'm ready to cut a bunch of my hair off. It's about 12 inches past my shoulders, about waist length. I think I want to cut it back to just past my shoulders, so that I can still pull it up or put it in pigtails... I just wish there wasn't so much of it.

At my appointment this weekend, my iron count was a bit low. I guess I need to pay closer attention to what I'm eating. (I also lost a pound again)
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Julie, by this time last pregnancy my feet had become incredibly swollen, and I could not wear my cute little Skechers anymore. This time, I was prepared well in advance... and it hasn't happened yet! :LOL I'm not even sure what the difference is, except that I don't deal with stairs nearly as often as I did while I was pregnant with Eli. I don't wear rings or any jewelry (I have horrifically sensitive skin : ) but I don't see any difference in my fingers, wrists, ankles or toes, and by this point (31.5 weeks) it was seriously pronounced with Eli. I would like to say that carrying a girl is easier, but I know that that will jinx me for next time, so I'm just chalking it up to every pregnancy being, blessedly, different. :LOL

Geez, I really want some Cherry Garcia right now! : I guess it's a good thing that I have no freezer and no money, and no car to get any because I'd be *gorging* myself right now. :LOL
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I give the phone to DS when telemarketers call... he LOVES them He usually starts telling them about his day, or asks for "Gah Maw". A few of them have told him to give the phone back to his mommy... I only know, because his standard reply is to death-grip the receiver and say "SHARE!!!! SHARE!!!!" They all hang up eventually. Then DS tells me the phone is "Broken" and gives it back.
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