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Kim ~ Glad you found a great dr.

I am an emotional/hormonal wreck today. Just saw my MW and she told me that she and her DH are joining the Peace Corp.

I am SO happy for her...this is her life-long dream...but I'm so sad for me. I just her.

She's closing her practice on June 30th so it shouldn't affect me (I'm due June 15 and the practice won't let me go over 42 weeks anyway) but I will have to see her partner at a new office (the big OB/GYN office I left last year ) for post-partum care.

Anyway...I have SO much to do today (my one day off from work) but I don't feel like doing anything. La, la, la...

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QOC - I know what you mean about being told stress will hurt the baby. That just creates more stress! And it's an excuse for other people not to do things to help us - they can do whatever they want, and we can't get stressed or angry if we care about our baby.

What pregnant woman doesn't feel stressed?!
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QoC- Thanks! We were in Lawrence when Emma was born. So, we saw Anne VanGarsse there. We moved to Shawnee when Em was 5 months, but I liked her doc so much I just drove over there. Hope that helps you some!
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Well, I don't know if things are starting to move along or not... (On Monday, the midwife said her guess was that I would deliver "in the next 1-2 weeks.") I've been having regular surges since about noon (6 hours), but they haven't gotten too intense, and last time I checked they were 7-8 minutes apart. Since then, though, I took a nap. But now that I'm up and about, they're still coming... I'm certainly not anywhere near needing to go the hospital or even call my family in VA - but this could be the very beginning of things! Tomorrow is my grandfather's birthday, Sunday is mother's day, and Tuesday is my grandmother's birthday - any of those days would make for nice birthdays!
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QoC- If this is your time, Happy birthing!! Know that we will all be thinking about you and sending you vibes for an easy comfortable birthing. Now go put on your birth guide cd and take a nice relaxing bath!
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QoC- Where are you planning to have the baby? I can't believe you could be going so soon!!!! I'm with 2girlsmommy~go take a bath and relax!!!!
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Actually, I've had a lovely afternoon. My surges are still coming regularly, and the intensity is a bit more, but nothing painful. (Just bad menstral cramps.) My m-i-l and I went shopping, I watched a movie and took a nap, we fixed dinner, then we went for a 45-minute walk. Lovely! I'm going to go take a shower with DH and then listen to the birth day affirmations. I figure by tomorrow morning I'll know if this was just more PTL, or if its the actual thing. I'm completely at peace either way...

The baby will be born at a hospital, attended by a CNM. I told them that I plan on laboring at home for as long as possible - and both of the midwives in the practice highly reccomended that. I'll go in to the hospital if either my water breaks or if the surges get closer to 3-4 minutes apart. Last time I timed them (about an hour ago) they were still 5-6 minutes apart.
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That doesn't sound like PTL to me! How exciting! I wonder if QoC has had that baby yet?

I put waterproof covers on both beds last night (so I can take my pick) and am planning on spending the weekend cleaning in preparation for Monday's home midwife visit.
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Well, I made it through the night and my surges don't seem as intense or regluar this morning. So we're off to go yardsaling! (DH thinks that will bring on the baby for sure!)

Happy Saturday, everyone!
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sorry I've been MIA lately...I've been checking but somehow couldn't really find anything to say. We don't interview Peds. I have decided not to do well-baby check-ups and since I won't be vaxing our current ds anymore and the new one at all, well, I guess it doesn't seem very necessary. Not to mention we don't have insurance on our kids so if they get sick enough to see a dr., I'll kind of cross that bridge when we get there. Most likely I can look up 98% of it in my homeopathy book and hopefully take care of it before it needs a doctor. I don't know, we'll see I guess. In both of my hb's, my mw has checked/wil check both baby and me at 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, and 6 weeks. I don't think I took him in to the Dr. until he was supposed to get his first round of shots (before I did any research about vaxing).

QoC-have fun today! being mobile was a great way to keep things going for me, but make sure you are resting a lot just in case this ends up taking a while. Can't wait to hear your birth story and see pics of your baby!

Smithie-got the check yesterday, thanks!

What's the word on the bracelets?

So how weird is this...I start feeling anemic, so I take iron pills 3 days in a row as well as taking 2 prenatals (6 is the recommended dose, I usually take 1 if I remember, which I haven't been lately) and my calcium. I start having restless legs at night so I start downing bananas too. Then I decide to take a break from all the vits for a day or two-they give me horrible gas and I have to be careful or I get diarrhea too. So the day I stop taking them, no restless legs and I have been able to sleep well ever since. AND I didn't have a banana that day-prior to that I had eaten 5 in a 24 hour period trying to get some relief! So now I am feeling like a) am I some sort of freak? or b) have my problems with vits become so ingrained in my mind that I psychosomatically create more problems when I take them? I mean, who ever heard of stuff like this? It certainly isn't usual-I have tried to find info online and haven't come up with much.

Dh gave me Adventures in Tandem Nursing for Mother's day. I am so excited! I really want to read it before the new one gets here and I don't really like my local LLL group so I couldn't borrow it and the library doesn't have it. Since it is becoming obvious my ds is not ready to end our nursing relationship, I figure 8 wks out is a good time to start preparing myself.

Today my goal is to finish Rowan's quilt and find something to make a friend for Mother's Day. Oh, and I need to make my bro some laundry bags-he's moving out for the summer! Well, no time like the present! Have a great Saturday ladies, belly rubs to everyone...
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QoC- Have fun yardsaleing!! There aren't good ones in Utah like there were in Kansas. I miss that a lot!!! Sounds like your body is doing what it is supposed to to bring this kiddo into the world! How exciting for you!!!

Julie- That is strange about the vitamins, but listen to your body. You are an intuitive person and your body will tell you what it needs. Have fun working on the quilt and reading your new book!!! I always love getting new books!!!

Have a great Saturday everyone. We're going to our 2nd Hypnobirthing class, that should be good. I am not really looking forward to tomorrow. It's my first Mother's Day in 2 years without Emma. 2 years ago, I'd just found out I was pregnant with her. Last year she was 5 months old. This year, I have a full belly, but empty arms. I plan on going to visit her at the cemetery for a good long time on Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone, what a fabulous group of mothers this is!!!!
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Woo hoo! I am 37 weeks today. Bring it on!

I've been having this occasional pain on one side of my belly. It's an area about the size of my palm. It's not a contraction; it lasts for several minutes. Ouch!

My mother is coming to visit tomorrow. I'm really not in the mood to be entertaining, so I hope dh will take care of all that.
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changing sides

OK, I'm going to take the suggestion of the kind mama who posted in my UTI thread and try get James to shift his position. His back has consistently been along the right side of my uterus. I'd like him to wiggle around and lie along the left side to ease my bladder pains.

So how the HECK might I accomplish this feat?

I feel very embarrassed that I've made it this far without learning about how to shift the baby... but I have not wanted him to shift until now!
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My baby is mostly posterior and I sometimes feel the kicking to the right and the butt on the left (this is after having it pointed out to me by the mw). But mostly the legs and feet and knees are in front and of course so are the hands and arms, which punch and scrabble at my bladder. My daughter wasn't posterior up until the birth, I don't think, but she came out face up. I had a short easy labor even though she was face up and even though I refused to do anything but lie down so I'm not worried about this one. It is uncomfortable, however, and I have to pee much more frequently than I remember doing the first time.

I was correct in my suspicions and we were supposed to see David Bowie Thursday evening, but after the opening act a lighting op fell to his death onstage. My husband is in the AV business and this was someone he knew, so instead of our night on the town bash (we had a hotel room also because he was working there), we of course had a most distressing evening. People in the audience actually complained the concert was cancelled, which I found so abominably disgraceful it almost upset me more than a colleague's death.

I look forward more and more to my prenatal appointments. Monday I have my group B strep screen and make the appointment for our home visit. Within ten days I'm supposed to have all this stuff bought and ready, egad.
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Wow Liz! I'm sorry your night out didn't go as planned. I never understand when people get angry about things like that. It's kinda sick and twisted.

Smithie- I think pelvic tilts, spending time on all fours laying on the desired side would help move your little one over.

I think I have a long little one growing inside. He/she seems to be in both my bladder and my rib cage at the same time. My left side is KILLING me.

We had lunch today w/ the moms for mother's day. It's so funny to listen to everyone make their predictions because we know the sex but they don't know we know. Dh & I just laugh about it because my mom is certian she know what the baby is and she's wrong!!

My brother's girlfriend is pregnant again. My neice is 18 months old and she wasn't wanted and either is this one. It's so sad and very frustrating. She refuses to educate herself on birth(wouldn't even take a chldbirth class) and absolutly won't breastfeed. She thinks it's gross and useless since they have now developed a breastmilk formula I've given up! My neice was fed solids at less then 3 weeks of age and has more allergies then I care to think about. She's whiney and clingy and just an unhappy baby. SOmetimes I just want to smack my brother! UGH!

Hope everyone has a happy mother's day!!!
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well, I wrote a long reply to the whole unwanted pregnancy/bad parenting thing, but evidently it didn't post. Bummer.

Liz, what an aweful experience. I bet your dh worked really hard on that surprise for you, so sad that it didn't work out well, not to mention the utter horror of what happened!

Anyone else kind of excited that QoC hasn't posted since this morning? I hope she is doing well and having a baby! Since I am due the very end of June, I get to birth babies again and again through you guys! How awesome is that?

It's 12:16 am where I am, so happy official Mother's Day! Extra belly rubs for everone!
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Originally Posted by mattjule
Anyone else kind of excited that QoC hasn't posted since this morning? I hope she is doing well and having a baby! Since I am due the very end of June, I get to birth babies again and again through you guys! How awesome is that?
Julie- I was thinking the same thing! She hasn't posted since 8:25 yesterday morning. Could we have our first baby???!!!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY everyone!!!
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Reposted from Health:

Well, it WAS a UTI. I got a fever and the shakes last night, so we went to the ER and just got back. It hasn't spread to the kidneys though, and the babe looked really good on the EFM once I rehydrated and had some Tylenol for my fever.

I am going to strangle my doctor, though.

Now, off to bed!
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Smithie-I would too! Yuck! Hope you feel better soon now that you have something to help you fight it.
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So they cultured the urine and it came back negative? Or they didn't test at all?

Since I had 7 UTIs and kidney infections with #1, with this pg I bought a bunch of those test strips and tested myself at home each week, since the infections I had been getting were asymptomatic until they reached the kidneys or showed up on the strips at my monthly exams.
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