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Originally Posted by HomebirthHarriett
I give the phone to DS when telemarketers call... he LOVES them He usually starts telling them about his day, or asks for "Gah Maw". A few of them have told him to give the phone back to his mommy... I only know, because his standard reply is to death-grip the receiver and say "SHARE!!!! SHARE!!!!" They all hang up eventually. Then DS tells me the phone is "Broken" and gives it back.
: :LOL : That's horrible!
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Julie- we've thought about shelves, but frankly, there's not a place in the room where I could put some except over the toy box, and that's just an invitation for DD to climb up and play in them. I would love to do baskets, but there is no floor space, and again, it would be an invitation to destroy...
I've been thinking about one of those closet organizer- thingies... the cloth ones with large compartments for kids outfits. Anyone think that might work for keeping the dipes organized? And any idea where I can find one for a decent price?

My right hip and leg are hurting bad today. I know its from yesterday's expedition to the mall, and Im surpised it isnt my sciatica, just aching pain. In a way it's worse cauee it ain't going away. So today I am hobbling AND waddling, LOL...

I've been having trouble finding bras to fit me, and its turning into a serious problem. Im getting chafed and red under my breasts, it itches and when I scratch, it's bled a little... Its painful. I love my underwire bras and I dont want to go without them, but the largest size I can buy locally is a DD, which isnt big enough. I've been looking at the Bravado bras, but theres no wires. I haven't done anything but sleep in a wireless bra for over 10 yrs. Are they really supportive enough to feel good to a wire-lover?
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Can we no longer subscribe to a thread? I can't figure out how to do it anymore?

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Can we no longer subscribe to a thread? I can't figure out how to do it anymore?
It was there this morning. Weird.
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We have caller id and call intercept. With call intercept if anyone from a private number calls they must identify themselves. I still need to answer the phone but I can deny them. It has gotten me out of several surveys and other crap. It has also gotten rid of an annoying former neighbor that can't figure out how use it! :LOL

I have been in bed all day! My dh stayed home today because shortly after 3:30 last night I started tossing my cookies! I have blood sugar issues and if I can't keep anything down then I basiclly can't function! So in a way I did get a day off! I just wish I wasn't sick.

On a happy note my dh just told me that the neighborhood girls are doing a little lunch thingy for me in June! I'm so excited!

Alright I'm going back to bed!
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Okay, I should be working. So I have to be brief. I am so freaking tired these days. Yesterday afternoon I just cried my eyes out I was so tired. DH took care of DD so I got a 2 hour nap in. I just don't know if I can go 5 more weeks. Taking care of DD, working 20 hours a week while simultaneoulsy looking after a sporadically napping child, and trying to keep the house afloat is about to KILL me. I am so freaking uncomfortable all I want to do is sit or lie. My back aches. I was up by 6:30 this morning and by 10:00 I just wanted to go back to bed. But you can't do that with a kid to look after! I longingly look back to my last pregnancy when I came home and flopped every night after work. No dinner to worry about...sandwiches would suffice. No toys to clean up. No piles and piles of laundry to wash (because I didn't have a kid that insisted on changing clothes, names, and personalities at least three times a day). Whine, whine, whine. How in the h*ll am I going to make it to 40 weeks? How, tell me how! Back to work now. Thanks for letting me vent.
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I think it will be much easier after the baby is born! True, I'll have 2 kids, and one of them will be completely helpless and may cry a lot, but at least I won't have this huge giant belly that gets in the way of everything and even makes it hard to get up out of a chair! I'll be able to walk normally (assuming I don't end up with stitches like last time) and pick up dd, and although I will be getting less sleep, the sleep I do get will be better since I won't have to wake up to turn over or deal with these ligament pains.

I couldn't imagine having a job right now!
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Grease, I can't imagine having a job right now either. In fact, I've wondered how pregnant women manage to work at all. I think I'll feel much better after the baby is born too. I've told dh that I can't wait for the couple of weeks following the birth because nobody will expect anything from me! I'll get to rest all I want!

I'm glad everyone still has their babies in bellies, but it's getting close for some of us!

At my mw appt. today, I had gained 5lbs in the last 2 weeks! I don't even have any appetite and haven't been eating much at all. Neither she nor I were concerned about it, so no big deal. I am still measuring 3 weeks ahead. I'm 33 weeks, measuring 36. Not that it means too much. I am hoping to go a little earlier than my June 21st due date, though.

I don't have anything to get ready for the baby, but I do want to do a belly cast and get some good pics taken. Last time we did the belly cast in the middle of the night after my water had broken. It is cool to have one that was made just hours before dd was born, but I'm afraid we won't have that much time this time.

I'm glad everyone seems to be feeling pretty good, other than tiredness! Hang in there mamas, we're in the home stretch!
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I wonder...does measuring ahead mean the baby will be big, or just tall?

I have days where I measure as many as 13 cm ahead! But then there are other days when I'm right on target. Usually I measure around 2 or 3 weeks ahead. I wonder what that means - maybe the baby is stretching?
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fabulous day!

Well, first good news of the day: we got the house we put a bid in on yesterday! It all happened really quick: we put in the bid last night, they called at noon with a counter-bid, we sent back a counter to that within and hour, and they agreed within a half hour of that! Yay! So, the closing date is set for May 28th and we're planning on moving June 12th.

THEN I went to my midwife appt. More good news - I'm at 4cm (slightly more than a week ago - then I was 3-4cm) and still 70-80% effaced, but the baby is still at a -1 position, so the midwife thinks I'll last 1-2 more weeks. Woohoo! My m-i-l will be arriving in less than 48 hours and then I'll be all set for whatever comes... I'm now off of the procardia and bedrest, but I'll still be taking it easy.
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Yea QoC! Congrats on your house!! That's so exciting! See everything works out for the best! Now lets hope they baby stays put until your MIL arrives!
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QoC -- Are you REALLY going to be moving around your due date? Youa re very brave. You will either have a newborn or be in labor. Get help!

Well... I am a royally UNnice person around here lately -- is it hormones? I don't know. I am also STILL fighting this respiratory junk from 8 days ago -- finally had to get on anti-biotics -- against my best wishes -- to get rid of it (dr. says it is an infection).

In other news, dh has shingles -- YIKES!!!!

What next?

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Originally Posted by irishgreengables
In other news, dh has shingles -- YIKES!!!!
Oh sweety I don't envy you! My dh had shingles last summer and oh my he was a peach! BTW although most doctors will tell you that your kids can't get chicken pox from the shingles my youngest did. Which was fine because now she will never have to get the chicken pox vac. but man was our doctor surprised!

Hope your house is feeling better soon!
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Originally Posted by Modesto Doula
I've been having trouble finding bras to fit me, and its turning into a serious problem. Im getting chafed and red under my breasts, it itches and when I scratch, it's bled a little... Its painful. I love my underwire bras and I dont want to go without them, but the largest size I can buy locally is a DD, which isnt big enough. I've been looking at the Bravado bras, but theres no wires. I haven't done anything but sleep in a wireless bra for over 10 yrs. Are they really supportive enough to feel good to a wire-lover?
Yes, some of them are. I've never tried the Bravado bras because by the time I was desperate to buy new bras, I was too big for them (I think they only go up to G..?). As long as it fits you well, it will be surprisingly supportive and comfortable. Before I got pregnant with Eli, I'd been wearing an underwire bra every single day for about 15 years, so I totally understand your skepticism. :LOL

I'm really bummed today. Mike left a jar of peanut butter open and sitting out, so of course Eli got into it... both hands straight into the jar. . When I turned around (literally.. he was right behind me) and saw him and said "EliBean, oh no!" he tried to wipe the peanut butter off... on his legs and belly and the walls and the floor... all while I groaned in horror. This necessitated his third shower of the day. And did he at least take a nap after this adventure? No, he decided to run around naked trying to pee on the floor. I'm sooo tired!! It's just too much. Mike is slightly cranky, but darnit, he gets paid for dealing with poop all day, and outside recognition. Nobody calls up SAHM's and says "Hey, great job dealing with three poopy diapers and a big, peanut-buttery mess around that big belly." to say nothing of offering me a raise for it. *sigh*
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HomebirthHarriet-I am so going to use that method when ds learns to talk more!

How do I get on the national registry?

Brooke-The closet organizer is a great idea! I know Target sells stuff like that, you could also try Linens N Things-I find Target's home stuff to be way overpriced for the quality.

QoC-Awesome! Isn't it great when everything just works out? I would get your MIL to start packing all the nonessential stuff you have. It will make your house look bare, but we moved 6 wks after Tain was born and even then it was really hard-my mom packed everything.

Irish-can you not subscribe in Advanced or only in quick reply?

Seedling-I feel for you. Okay, well not completely b/c I don't work and can't imagine how hard that must be, but I can relate to everything else! Tain is teething (again!) and is really irritable. Plus he throws fits whenever I don't take him outside, but I can't lift him on the playground toys and I don't have the energy to chase him today. AND he has started sleeping permanently glued to me. I am honored that he likes to cuddle, but when I am this big and have trouble sleeping anyway, it becomes really uncomfortable. Add to that the problem of dh getting a cold and not sleeping until 6 am and my bro who was supposed to help me today on his day off not coming home until 6 am then sleeping all day and I am one grouchy mama. Then when dh gets up at 11 today, he starts doing the dishes and the laundry. Okay, it sounds great, but when I've been dealing with a whiney, grumpy toddler all morning and the day before, screw the house, give me a break with the kid! Dishes be damned, I can't handle listening to the grumps anymore. Sometimes I wonder about his priorities. He doesn't get it and then he feels like a failure and then I feel bad that I was irritated about it and then I have TWO babies to mother. MEN!

What is shingles anyway?

Well, my bro is up and functioning now and I am officially ignoring everyone in the house. I think I'll cut out my new baby's quilt...
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mad props to Julie!

The crib set just arrived, and it is GORGEOUS. It is exactly what I wanted. Julie is a stitching goddess.

Check will go in the mail for Julie tomorrow; everybody else will see pictures of her handiwork as soon as we finish painting and get a damned crib. At least now I have something nice to go in the crib, even if my baby never does.
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Originally Posted by irishgreengables
QoC -- Are you REALLY going to be moving around your due date? Youa re very brave. You will either have a newborn or be in labor. Get help!
Well, I'm not expecting to go past mid-May before I deliver, so the June 12th moving date gives me about 4 weeks to recover. Also, my parents are coming in to help move and my sister lives with DH and I, so there will plenty other folks here to help pack and move. I'm VERY excited about it - we'll be moving from a 2-bedroom appt to a 4-bedroom house! The timing is just right for a lot of reasons that I won't go into here...

Sorry to hear that everyone's having emotionally tough weeks... I'm thinking happy thoughts at everyone!
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Julie, to get on the Do Not Call registry you need to visit www.donotcall.gov It takes about 3 months for you to be removed from the lists (telemarketing companies are required to update their call lists every 3 months)

And shingles is basically a flair up caused by the chicken pox virus (it stay dormant in your system after you've had the chicken pox)

Queenie, that's exciting about your house.
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QoC, Congrats on your new house! I'll just say that there really isn't an easy time to move. If you found a house that you like, go for it. We moved 2 months ago, and whew, it was tough. I'm so much happier in my new house though, it was so worth it. Hopefully your baby likes being in a sling, because that would allow you to at least unpack boxes. I agree that while your MIL is visiting, you should have her start boxing up the stuff you don't need right now. It's never to early to start.

I can't tell you how bad my heartburn has been today. I have pretty bad reflux too. I dozed off on the couch this afternoon and woke up choking on the reflux that had come up my throat. That is the 4th time it's happened. It usually happens at night though. I've tried everything. I guess I'll just have to deal with it for the rest of the pregnancy. My mw offered me a prescription for Prevacid or something, but I just don't feel comfortable taking too much medicine during pregnancy.
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Unless I am missing something, I cannot subscribe at all -- whether I am replying or doing quick reply -- weird.

QoC -- glad to hear you have lots of help....and excited for your move -- what a change it will be for you!!!!

We are just now beginning the process of buying a house that will be completed in January -- scary for me because buying a house really is a 5 year committment and I am used to moving aorund a lot.

Yes, shingles is a flair up of Chicken pox and he has it in his eye right now -- that is the only place. Hopefully, the dr. can nip it there so it doesn't spread. He feels like something is always in his eye -- yuck!

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