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It is amazing to read that some of us are already dilated! Yikes, I am not prepared or anything! We have the pack n play but haven't ordered diapers yet or even sent out the email to ask for gift certificates to diaperaps or babiesrus or have a carseat or anything. I do have the moses basket we have borrowed and I made silk/flannel blankets and we have gowns so I guess all we really need is a carseat and diapers. And I am only 33 weeks so surely there's time...? I need the baby to stay in at least until 37 weeks so my husband will be in town and until 37 weeks 6 days would be helpful because it so happens that date is when insurance will cover 100% instead of 50%.

My mother-in-law and her lady friends in Boca are appalled we are not getting a crib this time. We have nowhere to put one. We aren't making a room for the baby and there isn't anywhere else, and at first it will be in the bassinette/basket anyway. We travelled a lot with our daughter and had two houses so half the time she slept in the playpen anyway, until she moved to a toddlerbed at 18 months and we had a futon on that (no offgassing). The ladies are upset because they feel the baby should have a proper mattress! Oy. So in bru of course we looked at the cribs and we do still have the beautiful set from our daughter's infancy but then I get home and think where the hell would we put it? We hope to move in a year or so anyway so I don't see the point. And our daughter is ten and her back is just fine.

I finally got my supply list from the midwife. I can hardly believe it. I almost wish it weren't coming so quickly because I haven't done any of the things I always thought I'd do if I had another kid, like exercise right or eat properly, or work full-time or have a real maternity wardrobe or have our finances in order. My diet is ok but I do eat sweets and I haven't sworn off caffeine. My last pregnancy I had been a vegan until the year before and though I ate dairy I was much more conscientious. And all the things I realize I haven't worried *enough* about! I guess it must be getting near the end if I'm feeling this way.

The doula agency I work for had a party a few nights ago and my boss gave me the gift certificate for the belly casting. I knew she was getting it for me but now it's time to set it up! Any ideas on when? This is when it would be convenient to know when the baby is going to be born! My daughter was born at 37 +5 weeks so I don't want to schedule it later than that for fear it won't happen at all! But if I have it done at 37 weeks and then go to 42 I'll be ready for another one!

My baby is "long" and slightly LOP but otherwise just right. I was greatly reassured by finally seeing the "real" midwife since the visit before she had been at a birth and I saw a different one I didn't like at all. She also told my midwife my family was completely unsupportive! I couldn't believe that! She didn't listen to a thing I said, either, and then completely misrepresented me to my own midwife. I was really glad to hear she lives too far away even to be a backup or assistant at my birth, though I am going to double-check this. I don't want her in my house. But my midwife is wonderful and just having a prenatal with her melted irrational anxieties away and made me feel great.

Up to two centimeters either way is still normal for the fundal height/weeks of pg measurement. I have noticed that different practitioners do it differently, anyway. In other words one mw might measure you at 28 and then two weeks later a different one measure you at 33.

My husband is up to something. A few months ago he asked if it were possible the baby would be born in early May (I hadn't even told *him* the due date). It was unlike him to ask that sort of thing. A few days after that an envelope arrived for him, obviously from ticketmaster. I have seen enough of them to know. And now, this week he is working in Miami and said I should come stay with him on a particular night without our daughter. Also unlike him, to be so specific about the date/time. (We sometimes join him if he has a hotel room down there so we can do things in Miami without having to drive back the same day). Even less like him, he asked the neighbor if our daughter could stay over there that night before I even had a chance to. I usually have to make all childcare arrangements or they don't happen. I am pretty sure I know what this is but don't want to spoil the surprise. Actually I am positive I know what it is and could probably find out by snooping about a bit but don't want to do that. I am also severely tempted to make clear I know exactly what it is but don't want to spoil his surprising me either. He probably knows I know because I figure everything out and no one in the house but me can keep a secret to save their lives. Anyway it should be a real treat!
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I need the baby to stay in at least until 37 weeks so my husband will be in town and until 37 weeks 6 days would be helpful because it so happens that date is when insurance will cover 100% instead of 50%.
I've never heard of such a thing...: Are 37-weekers more expensive to care for? 37 weeks is considered full term.

I have noticed I've become really sensitive to smells. I'm always asking my dh "What is that horrible smell?!" and he can't ever find it! I say "Can't you smell that?" and he says no. And for some reason, I love the smell of bleach and Lysol! I want the bathrooms to reek of it.
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No, it has nothing to do with the pregnancy. It's because of how long I've had the regular health coverage. It's just a coincidence that it happens to fall right over this due-month. Were the baby premature, god forbid, they would cover everything so it should be fine no matter what. It's just a quirky coincidence. Since I only just added maternity coverage to the policy last week, I'm glad to be covered at all.
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Good Morning! It's my birthday, yipee! (said very sarcasticly) I'm still sick and my dh didn't even tell me happy birthday before he left. He knows I hate this day! It's probably one of the hardest days of the year. My dad and I shared a birthday and since he died almost 5 years ago it has SUCKED!

You guys must think I'm the biggest whiner. I think that's about all I do on here lately is whine!

Have a good one everyone!
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2girlsmommy - here's hoping you have a good day in spite of it being your birthday!

Everyone seems quiet this morning - I'm in a nesting craze at the moment. Now that I know the midwife wouldn't try to stop labor if it happened again I'm frantic to get all the little last minute things done. Not to mention m-i-l getting here tomorrow. I HATE having a messy house, but no one else has been doing all the picking up that I usually do. Being on bedrest for a week wrecked the house! But, I have surges every few minutes so those keep reminding me not to overdo too much. I just have the invinsibility complex - I've always been fit, strong, and healthy and pushed my body to its limits. I'm still fit and strong and healthy, but I need to be more respectful of my body and its job of growing and holding a baby right now... But my house is still messy! Somehow I already have toys and kiddie books laying everywhere, even though the baby isn't even born yet!

Seriously, I thought I might be starting labor last night. I couldn't sleep and layed on the couch watching movies for a few hours and had regular surges the whole time. I didn't time them, though - I just felt like it wasn't really time yet. We'll see if I surprize myself one of these evenings, though.

For those who have done this before - how do you know when you're really in labor? I mean, I'm at 4 cm and have been having on-and-off regular contractions for over a week. Sometimes they seem regular, but they're not any worse than menstrual cramps (of course, I do have endo, so my tolerance in that respect is high) - and I'm not even aware of them much of the time. With the hypnobabies program I've been preparing for a painless childbirth for months, and I really believe that will happen. BUT how will I know when to call the midwife's office? The L&D nurse mentioned to me that if I'm starting at 4cm, it will most likely be a short labor when I go - how will I know when its really time?
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Queenie, I can just tell you what it was like for me. I never really felt any BH contractions...and like Julie, I still can't tell if I'm having a BH or it's the baby pushing with this pregancy. Everybody says you can tell by feeling if your belly is hard but that doesn't seem to help me any. Anyway, with my first, I woke up in the middle of the night with serious crampiness, and what I thought might be contractions. It seriously HURT to being lying down. I got up, took a shower, and while it felt better being upright, I was still having contractions. I went back to bed thinking I was probably in labor but thinking I needed to sleep. And it hurt too much to lie down. So I woke up DH and got into an upright position. So in my experience, if it hurts to lie down, there's a good chance you are in labor. Take a shower and see if it goes away...if not, start timing. And by the way, congrats on the new house!

DD is sick today. I mean she really feels lousy. She's a puker anyway but she has thrown up non-stop all morning when she hasn't been asleep. We've both had to have a bath and have changed our clothes three times and both beds are needing to be stripped and the sheets/blankets washed. AND I'm out of laundry detergent. So, fun day. I think it's just a bug b/c of friend of mine called this morning and her little boy is puking too. She's alseep on the living room floor right now so I'm trying to slip some work in. Speaking of, my job just finished running so I'd better go.
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My belly is always hard. I'd have to have something else to go on.

With #1, the first time I felt a contraction it was "real labor." So I hope it's that way with this one.
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QoC, I wish I could answer that, but the truth is that I had regular contractions for about two months before Eli was born, even with the terbutaline and procardia. Painful ones, even! All I know is, everyone was sick of me going in to the hospital so that when I thought maybe I really was in labor and maybe my water had broken, I ended up waiting another few days and Eli and I both had problems as a result.

This time, I have definately started to have some braxton hicks, but nothing regular or painful. I get them when I do too much (you know, every day that I'm alone with EliBean : ), and when I don't drink enough water. Unlike the contractions I had when I was pregnant with Eli, mine will completely vanish, as if by magic, if I drink a glass of water and sit down for half an hour. It's fabulous to have my body doing exactly what the books say it should for a change. :LOL

I have discovered that if I put my little stepstool at the foot of my chair and put my feet up on it that my butt hurts a lot less, and so does my back. Lovely! Not only that, but it gives Eli a little platform to roll his cars around on while he sits under the desk. :LOL I like it when he sits under the desk to play, because I know where he is and that he can't reach any plugs or anything dangerous. Mike hates it because then he's got no place to put his big feet, but my legs are short so it's never bothered me at all. :LOL

Speaking of Eli's saftey.. yesterday late in the evening I got up to use the bathroom and came back to find that my son had a bead in his mouth!!!! : He didn't swallow it, (it was a big one) and I counted to make sure he hadn't swallowed any others, but it was a bit frightening for me. It occurred to me at that moment that I was not the only June mother with a toddler around, and that this was a potential saftey problem. So, I decided that I will be putting the beads on a wire and attaching it to the bracelets... Ah, it probably won't make any sense until you see it. At any rate, because they're separate from the labor bracelets (though still attatched) they will make a lovely foundation for a nursing necklace once labor is over.
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QoC, I have one child and I still don't know how to tell if labor is real! With dd, the first contraction I felt was when I started into transition. They were pretty intense, but nothing too painful. I never got to a point where I couldn't walk or talk through a contraction. I also never felt a BH contraction with dd. I know I had them because I was having one at a mw visit and she told me. I couldn't even tell that my belly felt hard. This time, like Julie, I don't know if I'm feeling BH or if the baby is just moving out. I'm a little worried that this time the baby will just suddenly come out! I really am hoping for a normal labor this time because I really want to be able to relax during it. Too bad there aren't any homebirth mws in my area!

Seedling, I'm so sorry about your dd. That must be miserable for both of you. Hope she's better soon.
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At my mw appt. today, I had gained 5lbs in the last 2 weeks! I don't even have any appetite and haven't been eating much at all. Neither she nor I were concerned about it, so no big deal. I am still measuring 3 weeks ahead. I'm 33 weeks, measuring 36. Not that it means too much. I am hoping to go a little earlier than my June 21st due date, though. /QUOTE]

Ok, that sounds just like my last appointment, except I've been measuring about 6-7 weeks ahead the whole time. We are even due the same day. How funny is that?? I wasn't too worried about the weight gain...a little surprised since NOTHING sounds good to eat...I guess baby is growing anyway! Good job kiddo!!!
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I know what you mean about your birthday. Emma died on Jeremy's Parents anniversary. It just isn't a celebratory day anymore when you have a death associated with it. Huge hugs to you today!!
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So, I've never had a vertex baby and I don't know what to expect as far as movements. I think that this kiddo is still flipping around (I'm 33 weeks) because I'll feel movements up real high and other times I feel the cervix and bladder movements. The last few nights it has been so bad that I could have sworn baby was footling breech just like Emma was. I thought that this baby was going to kick his/her way out of my cervix. It hurt so bad. So here is my question...for those of you who are expereinced in vertex babies, is this normal? To have movement down that low that hurt really bad? I associate it with breech baby because that's all I know. I go see the midwife on Thursday, I wish it were today! I am trying really hard not to stress and just to relax, but I really DO NOT want another c-section. I am so afraid that this baby will be breech and I will not get my vaginal homebirth that I want so badly.
I just don't know....HELP ME! Thanks.
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That is cool that we are due on the same day, Kim! I can't believe you've been measuring that much ahead. That's nuts! As far as the baby's position, mine has been head down the whole time. I still get the painful punches to my cervix and bladder. He does it with his hands. It is also normal for the baby to be going from head up to down and vice-versa at 33 weeks. I wouldn't start worrying too much yet. Good luck!
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Kim, I'm sure that any midwife open to attending an HBAC would also deliver a breech at home! But everyone else is right, there is still a lot of flipping that can go on. Mine is vertex and I get a lot of pain and movement in the low pelvis. I think it must be the arms. But this one also stayed transverse until almost 30 weeks, so I was worried that my plans were going to be ruined as well.

I have this fear that the baby will be born on the day my brother died. June 10. It would be about 41.5 weeks, which is not unreasonable. I want this baby's birthday to be a day of joy and not associated with any sadness. So hopefully I will go sometime this month and avoid the whole issue. As much as I am against inductions, I would do just about anything to avoid that date.
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My niece's birthday is 22 May; I'd really like to have the baby later than that because a)it'll be way too early still and b)I'd like NewBean to have her own birthday. My niece would probably think it was really cool, though. :LOL

I am super leaky! It's so gross. I can tell that it's not urine, but I'm not losing massive quantities so I guess it's all good.. just... well, gross!

NewBean spends most of her time transverse these days, though there's still plenty of flipping. Mike's gotten pretty good at recognizing when there's a head sticking out, but anything else he has a hard time with.

Eli is getting on my case again to teach him to read. I so don't have the energy. *sigh* I hope he's still interested by the time I do!
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Kim- You're doing hypnobabies right? If(and that's a big if) your little one is breech then Kerry has a great script that helps turn a breech. Remember your mind is a very powerful tool and if you keep envisioning that your baby is head down she'll go that way unless there is a reason why she shouldn't.

Anyway to you and hopefully your midwife will have good news on Thursday.
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Belly shots!

Neat...I can finally post some belly pics!
edited to remove photo link

The one at the top was taken last night (34 weeks). My dog insisted on being in the picture! :LOL

edited to fix link
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Well, this is my first vaginal birth, so one midwife will do it (if baby isn't footling breech like Emma was) and the other won't. Oh well. I just want a head down baby!
I know what you mean about the days...I don't want this baby to be born on the 15th (Emma was born on Dec. 15) or on the 23 (she died August 23). I like to sing happy birthday to the baby on month birthdays, so it would be really hard. Argh, stinky days huh? Oh well, baby is going to come when s/he is good and ready.
Thanks for letting me know that you are getting lots of low movements too, that helps set my mind at ease!
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2girlsmommy- That is true, the mind is very powerful. I had dreams last night that the baby was coming out of my skin and I could move him/her around. It was great. But, baby just wouldn't go head down! If baby is breech, I may go to a hypnotherapist and see what's going on. My main fear comes from my previous birth. I found out at 34 weeks that Emma was footling breech and despite what I did, she didn't turn. Of course, I had dropped at 33 weeks. See me fear now? *sigh* I will talk to my midwife soon...and I am sure I will be feeling better after that.
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Erin, you look GREAT!!! You can see my belly at http://borchertbaby.aboutmybaby.com . The most recent I have was taken last week I think. Your dog is so cute too!!!
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