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Figured out in the middle of the night last night that my irritability, tiredness and insomnia were probably iron-related. I take an iron pill and voila! all better. Except for the restless leg thing, though my mw says to eat a banana a day and it should go away. Made me feel like a dork for forgetting that considering this is not the first time this pregnancy I have had an iron issue. Other than that, I am good. Mw appt was short since Tain is irritable. Hoping to get Rowan's quilt finished today, then I think I am done with baby stuff. Weird to think I still have so far to go...

My mom's birthday is the 21st so if baby comes that early, I am sure she would be thrilled, though I hope he doesn't since all my labor help flies in on the 24th.

I get pains low in my pelvis too and baby has been vertex since 28 wks.

Smithie-so glad you like it!!! And that it got there safely...thanks for letting me know.

As far as starting labor goes, I wasn't sure when it started either. I just had Matt start timing them for me and when they don't go away if you walk/lie down/eat/sleep, etc and they get closer together, that is the best sign you have. To be honest, I started at 3 cm with no ctx whatsoever with Tain and when I went into labor, I didn't believe it was really happening until my water broke. It just seemed so similar to false labor I didn't want to get too excited in case it stopped. So I guess the general consensus is that you are never really sure when it starts until it gets heavy.

Well, I can smell Tain from the other room so I guess I need to go change some pants!

Have a great day!
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I love the belly pics! So cute! I keep forgetting to have dh take some pictures. Everytime I think about it, it is either when he is at work or it's the middle of the night and somehow I don't think he'd be too happy if I woke him up at 3 am to take a belly shot!

Erin- Our dogs could be twins!
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The only thing better than a belly pic is a belly pic with a dog in it!

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Oh, and I enjoyed looking at all the cute stuff on Erin's registry so much, I am going to give the rest of you the same pleasure.

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Great belly pics!

Well, DD had an amazing recovery. She threw up from 7-10, slept on the floor in the living room from 10-12, ate like a maniac from 12-1 and then went about her day as usual with just a tad more clingyness than usual. Jefe, the dog, was her constant companion while she was sick. At first I thought, "oh, that's so sweet" when I saw him laying beside her on the floor. Then I realized he was just waiting for the next chance to help "clean up" more puke. He is so gross. For you first time Mom's with dogs...if yours are anything like mine, they will SO LOVE to get hold of poopy diapers. I am so past the letting him give me kisses stage.

Anyway, now I'm back on the computer to try to get some work done. DH did the whole bed time routine tonight so that I could lay on the couch for an hour. The house is reasonably decent considering all the extra laundry we had to do thanks to the stomach bug. And now ... work ... yucko. I'm really getting tired of work. But I've got to stick it out for a few more weeks.

I was just realizing tonight that according to my ultrasounds, my due date is really the 2nd (but I've been thinking the 9th). So I made a short list (stocking freezer, packing DD's overnight bag, preping downstairs bedroom, etc) of stuff I absolutely have to finish before D day and am going to try to tackle it the remainder of this week and next. Because after that, it could be any day! I just can't believe it. But at the same time, I really am becoming so miserable that it seems like no matter how exhausted and overworked I am post-baby, it's got to be easier than this. I know I'm kidding myself but I'm getting to that point anyway. If I can manage it, tomorrow I'm heading to the store to get the cheapest cell phones I can find and I'm double checking my homebirth kit to make sure I have everything.

Just can't believe we are this close! Well, enough procrastinating. Hope everyone manages a good nights sleep.
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Originally Posted by seedling
It seriously HURT to being lying down. I got up, took a shower, and while it felt better being upright, I was still having contractions. I went back to bed thinking I was probably in labor but thinking I needed to sleep. And it hurt too much to lie down. So I woke up DH and got into an upright position. So in my experience, if it hurts to lie down, there's a good chance you are in labor. Take a shower and see if it goes away...if not, start timing.
This is exactly how it happened for me! I couldn't be sitting or lying down during a contraction, it was excruciating. I showered and also went to the grocery store, because my childbirth teacher said if it was prodromal labor it would likely stop if you went out in public.
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I am SO MAD!

So, you know how scared I was to go to interview Pediatricians?? Well, it was for good reason. I met with this one Ped today and towards the end of our interview he asked me what happened to Emma. I told him exactly what happened. I didn't give my standard SIDS answer. I was very honest. He responds with, "Looks like you learned your lesson the hard way". WTF?!?!?!?!?! I was so shocked that I couldn't speak. He then made some comment about how I wouldn't do that with my other children, leave them on the bed. He told me how he and his wife were so careful to put nothing in the crib with their daughter. He acted as if it were my fault that Emma died!!!! That because she was on the bed with her blanket/pillow barracade, it was MY fault that she died!!!! I was livid when we left. The longer we were there the angrier I got. I feel guilty enough about her death, I know it isn't my fault, but who can I blame?? I didn't need this from this asshole doctor. I hope that the other doc we meet with on Thursday is better than this one. Otherwise, I'm going back to Kansas.
Oh, and he was telling me how co-sleeping is so bad and more babies die of SIDS when parents co-sleep. That is NOT true. Most the time when babies die when co-sleeping is if the parents are either obese, drunk or on drugs. I just don't want to deal with ignorant people. ARGH!
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Anyone else have this restless legs thing? It is making me crazy! I am so tired right now and I can't sleep b/c my legs are all jittery. I feel like running a mile (though I'd be lucky to run 100 yds right now LOL) but I am the only one home with sleeping ds so even taking a walk is out of the question. This sucks!
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"That's a hard way to learn that lesson".

Oh Kim...I am SO sorry that you had to experience such ignorance. What an @sshole.

What is wrong with people?
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Kim- I'm so sorry that doctor was such and insensitive JERK! GReat big to you. At least though you know now that he is a complete @#$% and you didn't have to figure it out in the middle of a sick visit!
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Originally Posted by seedling
Great belly pics!

She threw up from 7-10, slept on the For you first time Mom's with dogs...if yours are anything like mine, they will SO LOVE to get hold of poopy diapers. I am so past the letting him give me kisses stage.
Glad your dd is feeling better. The whole dog thing completly groses me out! My dogs will sniff out a poopy diaper in the diaper bag and will find a way to get the bag open and w/out damaging the diaper eat the poop. They also rush to the scene of any throw up. They are gross
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Kim, keep looking! There's a perfect doctor out there for you... Have you thought about maybe just giving the next doctor you see your old pediatrician's name and number and tell him/her that they can call your old ped if they would like the details, but that you would rather not discuss it?

My sleep schedule is all screwed up. I wake up sooo early now! I woke up at 4:30 this morning. The baby had hiccups and was very hyper and I couldn't fall back asleep. I got up and watched the early news and managed to doze off, but woke up again later with a big surge. The Hypnobabies program seems to be working wonderfully, though, because before I even fully woke up I conciously relaxed my entire body during the surge so it wouldn't hurt. I've only had a couple minor surges since then, though.

I'm so relieved - I called the Labor and Delivery ward last night to ask if they have birthing balls available there and they do! There's no way the big ball would fit in the backseat along with the infant seat and my sister and my m-i-l when we need to head to the hospital and I so didn't want to fool with having to re-inflate it. I've actually avoided sitting on it since the PTL started, but maybe I'll pull it out again now that I've made it to 36 weeks.

My mom told me about my birth again last night, and went into more detail than she had before - its a really cool story: She woke up with intense contractions and had a dr's appt already scheduled for that morning. When she went in, he checked her and sent her over to be admitted to L&D. They had her walk the halls ALL DAY LONG to try to get things moving faster, but by that night she still hadn't progressed. The dr checked her and then told her that if she didn't make significant progress within the next hour, they would do a c-section - she thinks she remembers that she was only at 2-3cm. She and my dad prayed about it and waited (she really wanted a vaginal birth), and when he came back in an hour she was complete and ready to deliver! I was born about 9:40 that night.
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Kim, what a freaking jerk! I'm sure you'll find the right dr. soon. Maybe you could contact your local LLL leader and ask if they know anyone?

As for gross dogs, I've got one of those myself! She loves to try to get a poopy diaper and clean up if dd gets sick. What a sicko. Our opinion of her is forever changed! :LOL Our other dog doesn't much care for that type of thing. She's a paper dog. She hunts down tissues and paper towels to eat!
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Kim, I'd be really upset by that too. I just can't believe someone would SAY that. When I read your story all I could think was "wow, this could have been and could so easily be me". All my friends and I do the EXACT same sleeping/napping arrangement with our babies. It really was freak accident and for that doctor to try to say otherwise is just really, really wrong.

On a much lighter note, my dog is not only a poop, throw up dog, he is also a paper dog. Nothing delights him more than cold season ... he loves to raid the trash cans for kleenex. He is truly a gross animal.
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Kim, sorry that doctor felt he had the right to be a jerk. I hope that causes him to lose business. Tell everyone!

OK, all your dogs are gross. They are probably the grossest of all animals. Our chickens are unclean and will even poop in their food dishes, but at least they eat around it!

I don't have restless legs, but they seem to itch every night. And it's only at night and not during my afternoon naps, so it couldn't be the sheets. :

I'm all nervous because when my midwife dropped off the bag of birth supplies, there was an iodine pad inside. I hope they are not thinking of painting the genital area with it! I thought they quit doing that in the 1940s! I don't want to be treated like I'm a dirty person; if I wanted that I would go to the hospital! But I have an appt today and I will ask her what it is for.
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I don't want to be treated like I'm a dirty person;
Grease, I am so with you on that! I hate when I'm watching one of those stupid birth shows on tv and the mom is completely draped and the dr. is wearing a strange mask and scrubs. That is really weird to me. At the hospital birth center where dd was born there were no sterile drapes, my mw was wearing jeans, t-shirt, and latex gloves. Dh caught dd with (gasp!) his bare hands and placed her onto my bare skin. Why would they need to put the baby on top of sterile drapes on the mom? I mean, she's the MOM for crying out loud!
I would be asking about the iodine pad too, but I'm sure your mw isn't planning on using it to do anything absurd like wipe you down with it. It's probably just one of those things that's thrown in there.
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Even in the hospital, when I was GBS+ and had a forceps delivery with stitches, they did not use iodine.

Weird how people think the baby must be protected from the "germy" mother, as if there are no germs inside the mother!

Also, they handed dd to dh soon after she was born (I forget who got her first?) and they didn't make him wear a mask or scrubs. The doctor wore scrubs, mask, eye shields, hair net, etc. but that didn't bother me.
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Kim, that doctor needs a big ol' kick in the heiney. Or maybe we should make him eat a poopy diaper.

I am actually very excited to hear that the dogs will come running to clena up the baby puke. Since they eat their own puke, I guess I shouldn;t be surprised. It's much easier to clean the carpet when the dogs have done a prerinse!

I'm going to Babyrobics today, after skipping two weeks in a row. Maybe this baby will decide it's time to come out, hah. He his really starting to hurt me with his rib-and-bladder gymnastics routine.

In other news, we got the nursery painted! I'm going to let it air out for a few days while I clean all the crap out of the closet, then we'll start setting up.
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Originally Posted by Smithie
I am actually very excited to hear that the dogs will come running to clena up the baby puke. Since they eat their own puke, I guess I shouldn;t be surprised. It's much easier to clean the carpet when the dogs have done a prerinse!

Okay, you guys are seriously grossing me out. I'm so glad I have a cat.
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Kim- A pox on that doctor! How horrible!! I had so much anxiety interviewing pediatricians before DS was born. I didn't find one I liked till DS was probably about 5-6 months old. I had one dr tell me I wouldn't be able to breastfeed and work outside the home and literally give me a 30 minute lecture on why it was terrible not to vaccinate. The way I finally found the one we love was through a friend at LLL.

I don't have a dog, although I grew up with them. Isn't their desire to eat that "stuff" part of their protective instinct? Like in the wild they ate it to keep predators off their trail?
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