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Congratulations KidsnCows and Ahimsa!! Yay! More babies!!

Well, for me, I'm typing one handed and reading side ways as I've been put on bedrest. My bp was up yesterday - enough to concern the midwife. Needless to say I'm sad and scared. We're planning a birth center birth but if it doesn't come down we have to go to the hospital and I'm worried about induction etc. I'm TRYING to stay calm and not worry (as the mw says we can turn this around) but it's hard. Fortunately my Mum is here to help out - she's making sure I'm eating LOTS of protein and drinking LOTS of water. We're working towards and praying for the best.

On the good side- babe is way down low - not much happening cervix wise but I'm not due until next week. Who knows what'll happen.

Anyway... just hangin' out here. My hip's numb now and I have to pee. Sounds like a good excuse to get up for a few minutes (if I can move. groan!)
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So this is what contractions feel like...

Hi all!
I've been having contractions since 1:30 this morning. Now I know for sure that all those other sensations really were head-butting on the cervix, because contractions sure feel different.

The first one strong enough to wake me up kind of freaked me out- why have I got this pain all over my abdomen? Is something wrong with the baby? But then I felt baby move, and realized I was having a contraction.

I think they were fairly regular through the night, but I'm not sure because they weren't all of the same intensity, so I'd have a strong one wake me up, feel a couple of lighter ones as I fell back asleep, and then wake up for another doozy.

Since I got out of bed an hour ago, I've had 5. So...... this _could_ be early labor. I'll try to check in again today and let ya'll know, but no promises. Send me any unwanted labor vibes- I'd love to birth my baby today.

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sending labor vibes your way, fiddlefern!

woke up feeling pretty rotten, which made me first think that this would not be the day. Then I get all nauseous, which made me hope today is the day. Then I realized I'm still only at 39 weeks and could have three weeks to go, which made me convinced that today is definitely not the day. Dang, I wish this baby would come early. So I'm sitting on the birthing ball, keeping a kick log just to keep myself occupied, and trying not to stress out about the whole deal.

what a great birthing story, kidsncows. I am so inspired by everyone's stories!

labor vibes to all who want them (me included!)
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I hope fiddlefern and KKMama are cuddling their new babies by now!

PattyCakes -- sending low bp vibes your way. I hope that you have a short and tolerable time on bedrest.

Our new boy came Monday morning at 6:25 am after about a 4 hour labor. He was 8lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long with a 14" head. He is doing well after some initial concerns, and is currently napping with his daddy on the bed. His name is Theodore Carl and we have been calling him Theo. I promise a birth story when I get a little bit more time.

Hope to hear more good news soon!
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***laborvibes*** to fiddlefern all who want them!
Including ME!!! :LOL
Low bp vibes to PattyCakes....rest easy, hon!
And many many congratulations and welcomes to the new babies & mamas! Yay defenestrator! :
Goddess! Good and happy healthy vibes to all!
Yep, here I am, one day from my EDD and still...waiting.
I watched a movie and I painted my nails and I am about to go upstairs to put a fan in the baby's room, and bring some diapers downstairs for the pack n' play (we're keeping the baby downstairs in our room for the first few months, then we'll move him upstairs into the nursery after the summer, most likely). Has anyone ever had their child's room on the second floor while their room was on the first? Our house's makeup is weird. The upstairs had NO rooms that would work well for a "master" bedroom (even the room we're in is really small!), so our room is down here and the other three rooms are upstairs. Including bebe's nursery. We have a cradle right next to our bed now, and the pack n' play has a changing table, so we're good for a while down here. But the crib and dresser and all of baby's clothes are upstairs in the newly painted and carpeted nursery! It's beautiful and we have monitors but I don't know how I will work this once we move him upstairs. *sigh* I know a lot of people here must co-sleep but to be honest, I am so very very paranoid that I would never sleep myself if my baby were in bed with me! Of course, that all may change when he gets here....but anyway, I really do want the baby to have a space of his own, so he has one. How we will move him up there is beyond me right now...
Anyway, just rambling.
Waiting for DH to get home so we can go for a walk (maybe it will get things going! : ) We've all but given up so we're just gonna let him come when HE wants to! I'm SO uncomfortable though!
Hope you all are well and happy. Take care.
Sometimes I read the communities I joined on Livejournal and I just breathe a sigh of relief that I found this place. So much less drama! Thank you for welcoming me.

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Just curious....where are the birth stories located???? I want to read them! Help! Thank you!! Elfmamma

ps...congrats to all the wonderful mommies out there and their new babes!!!!

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putter, putter, putter

Sigh. I've been on-again, off-again today with labor, and lately pretty much off. Send some vibes my way this evening.

Elfmama- on my computer, the birth stories are in our May (interruption- contraction- woo hoo) anyhow, are in the May due date club, usually a thread pretty near this one. Hope you find it.

C'mon, fellow laboring mammas

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GO FIDDLEFERN, GO!!!! I know you have really been waiting! I am sending you good vibes!! :

I found the birth story site, thanks!

I have been having on/off contrax too! I am kinda hoping I can hold off now until Thursday afternoon, so I can get the birth tub from my MW Thur morning! But....whatever happens....

Good luck to everyone else out there waiting... I can FEEL your "pain"!

Hugs, Elfmamma
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Horray Denefestor! Welcome baby Theo!

I had lots of low (not too hard) contractions yesterday - and lots of crampy feelings. Maybe something will get going soon (so I don't have to spend the next 2.5 weeks (meaning 2 wks over due - ug. I can't even THINK about that) on bed rest).

Labour vibes going out (and in)!
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Pattycakes and Elfmama-

Hooray! I wonder who else out there is gearing up for labor?
<<<vibes>>> being sent all 'round.

I've been having contractions anywhere from 8 minutes to an hour apart since yesterday evening- I guess I'm having one of those "puttering" labors. The contractions are strong and getting stronger. It's really hard to remember to relax- takes a lot of concentration.

Fortunately, I seem to have plenty of time between them to totally relax again, and to get better at preparing my body for the next.
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kkmama, are you holding a brandnew baby right now???? what was up with contrax 7 mins apart...?
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Yay Defenestrator!!!! Congratulations on your new little guy! Hope the missing mamas are welcoming their babes, too.

Wishing lots of labor goodness upon the rest of us still waiting, too!

I'm also having a hard time with the, "it could be today, it could be 2 1/2 more weeks" issue. I feel like things are gearing up to go, and DH has been predicting today would be the day since we found out about this little one, so that gives me hope. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, though, because I'll drive myself insane!

Here's my update-- yesterday my OB checked my cervix and swept my membranes. I was at 1 cm and 50% effaced, so *something's* been happening anyway. For the rest of the day I spotted a little and felt on again, off again crampiness and lower back aches, but nothing serious at all, and not regular in any way. This morning I definitely passed some mucous, had a pretty loose bm, and have been continuing with the mild crampiness. I've read some conflicting things about the mucous, though, and was wondering if you mamas know anything. I have read that if there is more mucous than blood (there was) that it is definitely the mucous plug. I've also read that if the blood is brown or "old" looking (it was), than that's not it. Any thoughts? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this was the plug, and that this baby will join us SOON! I'm hoping the same for the rest of you that are puttering along, past your due dates, or just generally impatient like me!

In the meantime, I'm off to have lunch with a couple of friends from work who are kind enough to take me out and relieve my unbelievable boredom!
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peaceful birthing vibes to fiddlefern and KKmama and anyone else who needs and/or wants them

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So discouraged. I had my week 39 exam today (due may 25th), and they checked me. I was so hoping this babe would be here before this weekend, because my dad, grandma, sister and uncle are all flying out from New Mexico to see me. I just wanted to have the little boy here to show off, and it doesn't look like he's going to play along. I'm at between 60-80% effaced, 1 cm dilated, and no other big new symptoms. So although he could theoretically come at any time, it looks like he won't be here to greet my family when they are here.

I know it's silly to be discouraged and disappointed, but I am pregnant and emotional and that is just the way things are! Not to mention, I haven't had the best pregnancy and I am just so tired of being pregnant. Instead of bracing myself for what could be weeks still sleeping on the couch, I want to be thinking healing, happy baby here thoughts. I suppose there is room for both visualizations, but I am so focused on the negative right now.

so happy, quick and peaceful labor vibes to all in labor, and happy, peaceful, enjoy the silence while it lasts vibes to the rest of us.
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aww emmalola I know exactly how you feel. I was 50% effaced and 1cm dialated on Thursday when I went into L&D for a blood pressure check, and was really starting to feel like I'd never have that baby, nothing was changing,my cervix was the same every time I got checked for almost a month, and on Saturday my water broke! When I got to the hospital I was still 50% effaced and 1cm dilated, heh.

Anything can happen! ((hugs)) try not to feel too discouraged. (Course I know that's easier said than done, I was an emotional wreck, convinced that the baby would not show up before my best friend had to fly home to Canada and was very upset she was going to miss the event. But baby decided to come 3 days before she had to leave )

Side note-(maybe I should be asking in the bf forum, but thought I'd throw this out here first)

Any of you that are nursing, is anyone else having issues with sore nipples? I was convinced that my latch is wrong but everything I'm reading to check for seems to be ok. It only hurts for like the first 2 sucks and then it doesn't hurt at all. She's swallowing often and gaining weight like crazy, she's 10 days old and went from her lowest at 6.10(3 days old) to 7.5 yesterday. Her latch looks like its correct so I'm very confused Its been 7 years since I last BF a baby and I don't remember my nipples being this sore. They aren't cracked or bleeding just a bit sore when we first start a feeding.
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cuddling sleeping babe....

hugs emmalola-i hope your lil guy cooperates. i know how emotional thelast few weeks can be

dawn-i think the soreness may get better once your nips toughen uo a lil bit and get used to a babe suckling them

take care mamas
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HELLO! Guess what! Kathryn Nadine was born today at 6:04 pm! It was very fast, intense, and text-book! No problems with her nor I. I will post birth story later!
Good luck to all future mommies! It won't be long! hugs,,,, Elfmamma
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YAY! CONGRATULATIONS to both Defenestrator and theeleves!! Geeze, elfmama, I think I was having sympathy labor with you yesterday.

fiddlefern-yeah, suffice it to say my 'tude has changed quite drastically as I'm over all this prodromal crap. It is now nearly frightening to me to think I could literally still be pg in June (given my cooking history) with days of hours of contrax that eventually peter out. I woke up in the most foul mood yesterday and for no reason. Then I had contrax all am-nothing exciting or regular. By noon they were every 5-10 mins apart and stayed that way until about 5:00. They were still never painful enough for me to be anything but annoyed. They never fully settled down until about 7:00. GRRRRRR!!! I hope you're having better luck with yours and actually have something other than exhaustion to show for it!

kittymama-usually if the blood is brownish then it is old and is a result of sex or internal exam or that sort of stuff. If it is pinkish then it is fresh and is the bloody show. If it is bright red, go get checked out immediately b/c that usually isn't good. You could be just passing some of your plug at a time or just having increased cerv mucous. If/when you pass your plug, it will be globs or chunks and it might not have any blood with it. It could also be super stringy but either way, there will be a lot of it. I didn't lose mine ahead of time with #1 but did w/#2 and w/him there was bloody show and the whole mess. My contrax started right after I passed it and he was born the next afternoon. HTH!
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Hooray for kathryn nadine! yay! :

thanks for all the support, everyone. I am in a much better mood this morning- perhaps because there was a little bit of mucus plug and show this morning. It may just be dislodged gunk from my exam yesterday, but it gave me hope. at least a little hope. now wish me luck because I have my PhD preliminary exams this morning and next. If I can concentrate AT ALL.
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Yippee!!! Congrats to Defenestrator and theeleves...and all the other new mamas! I am so proud of you and happy for you!

I'm still cooking down here in the desert . This week has been hot...hovering near the century mark. Its been slow going in the afternoons.

Today is my last day riding my bike in to work . School has ended, so DH (a teacher) is home and the car is mine full time if I want/need it. I promised I'd bring the cat to the groomers tomorrow (I've broken down there...its a treat) so he could sleep in, and then next week I go down to part time (10-2) . By ten its just way to hot to be pedaling. I'm a bit sad as I see it as an end of an era (since this is our first babe)...but I hope I can work it into my schedule in the future.

Otherwise, like I said, I'm still cooking this bun. Nothing but the occasional bought of nausea and sickness that has been plaguing me for over a week now. My discharge even seems to have *dried* up a bit. Yesterday DH asked me when I thought the babe would arrive (I've always claimed early June) and I said 12 days...that puts us at Memorial day (May 31). So far, I think I can wait without going nuts...but we'll see what happens once I'm past my due date.

Beautiful birthing vibes to all those now in labor...or getting there soon.
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