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After many days I finally check back in! My sig line of course gives the overview but I'll go into more detail. Not done writing his birth story yet but I'm getting there....

Graysen was born at 8:19 the morning of the 4th of June. The surgery was pretty straightforward, what I expected. I did have to fight the anesthetist a bit about the drugs she wanted to give me after he was born. I didn't want to go to sleep, or be dopey--I wanted to remember everything, and she was very hard to convince (my OB had to talk to her, in fact!). That was the only rough spot in the process of the birth for me. For Gray, he was a bit earlier than we expected. Everything except his weight said that he was only 35 weeks gestation, instead of 38 as we were expecting. He did really well, though, all things considered. He was on oxygen and in the ICU from late Friday through Sunday afternoon, which was hard on me. Getting up to feed him was brutal. BUT, he didn't have any supplementation, and he nursed like a pro! In fact, since he was having trouble right after birth they couldn't bring him to me in recovery...so they took me in my bed to nurse him in the nursery as soon as I could move my legs!

The major bummer--I wasn't expecting the level of pain and disability I endured afterwards. My recovery has been much slower than I anticipated, although I am doing better every day. Still, I'm often in pain at night, sometimes near tears (perhaps, though, because I'm so tired of it, and emotional!!). I'm still bleeding a bit and just overall felt unprepared for how hard the surgery was on me. There is a post in the Birth and Beyond forum written by someone who went on a two-mile hike the week after her c/s...and carrying her 10 lb. baby in a sling, no less. Then, plenty other moms talk about showering the second day and feeling good... It's hard to read those, because I could barely stand in the shower on the second day without help!

Give me labor anyday, I tell ya.

That's the short story. Now, we're home and happy, getting adjusted to life with a newborn again. Graysen is remarkable, and beautiful.

Is this due date club convening on another thread somewhere, now that the babies have been born?
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Hi Ana! Thanks for the update on yoru family. I sure hope your healing goes well. Sorry its taken more of a toll on you than you expected. Glad to hear Graysen is doing well.

Just wanted you to know we have a thread in Life With a Babe. I'll find it and post a link.


eta linky loo: http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...d.php?t=145914
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Ana- I hope your recovery is progressing well- I'm sorry it's beenso difficult. I didn't have a c-section, but I took a walk on the fourth day, and it landed me horizontal for several days after. It does steadily get better! Come join us over in life with a babe. fiddlefern
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congrats ana!!!! would still love to hear more about santa fe from a fello NM mamma when you gwt the chance....my box has room now!!!!
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Hey Ana, CONGRATS, and hang in there. There are many levels of recovery from a cesarean... even if you had a planned C, even if you were in great shape and really healthy before the surgery, it's *still* major surgery, and recovery can be hard. I remember the 1st time I walked around the block after my C with ds1, and yeah, it was *hard*, and it wasn't 2 miles, and dh was carrying the sling. Each week helps a lot, though, and so does lots of REST (and household help). I'm so glad that everything went well.
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Hey Ana, congratulations and a big I HEAR YA on the recovery from the C...I didn't plan mine, so it was done after 34 hours of labor. Ugh! That was May 26, and I am STILL recovering. Yeah, I showered the day after, but I could barely walk, the incision started to get infected and I just finished antibiotics for that. A two-mile hike?!?! Wow! Not me, I can hardly go around the block, even now.

You're not alone. I can understand how hard it would be to read stuff like that, but you know, some people recover differently. I push myself, far too much, which is what has extended my recovery time.
Of course, my beautiful Rowan is worth it. Taking care of him has been hard but wonderful. It makes me so happy to hear your Graysen is doing so well!
Take care, and be kind to yourself, okay?

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