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Anybody try Earth mama angel baby products?

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Hi there,
We are trying to conceive our second baby next month, but I am already building up my "arsenal" of goods. I was wondering if anyone has ever used any of these products and if so, let us know about them.

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I was given a few items as shower gifts - New Mama Bottom Spray, Postpartum Bath Herbs and Booby Tubes - but I haven't used them yet. The friend who gave them to me had not tried them either, but bought them becuase they seems like such cool items, especially the Booby Tubes. (In fact, her dh found the booby tubes at a trade show and asked the company owner "Where were you six months ago when my wife needed these???", and then he bought some to give to me... cute, huh? ) I am due in about 2 weeks, so I'll post a review after I have a chance to use them.

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Can't wait for your review

Thanks for posting. I really like the look of these products and would love to know what people think of them. Many blessings to you and your family!
Elle J>
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Elle - I had my baby 6 weeks ago and just now remembered I owed you a review of these products! Unfortunately, I didn't get/need to use the Bottom Spray or the Bath Herbs becuase I had a c-birth. But I love the Booby Tubes! They are the perfect size/shape to fit in my bra, and using them cold REALLY helps with engorement discomfort. I keep them in the freezer and pop them in whenever I need a little relief. And microwaving them for a minute really helps with letdown, but since my letdown is very heavy (borderline overactive), I didn't really use them much this way. But ohhhhhh so soothing for engorgement, especially when my milk was first coming in.

Hope you find this semi-review helpful.

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What do the Booby tubes look like? I've only seen pictures of them coiled up in the package. I'm curious how they look out of the package. Any ideas what's inside them? Is it rice, buckwheat husks, flaxseed or is it a "gel"?

Thanks for any answers.

I might need to get some of those. :LOL My other breast soothers bite the dust.
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When you lay the tubes out flat, they make a circle of about 6" in diameter, with a small opening in the middle (like a donut), and with a break in the circle so you can easily wrap them over any size breast.

The filling is rice and lavender.

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I Love Earth Mamma!

Last fall I was working as the bodycare buyer for Whole Foods in New Orleans. I called Earth Mamma and requested some samples. They sent me a generous package that contained a pregnancy gift kit plus some additional items. My package included new momma bottom spray, booby tubes, morning wellness tea, third trimester tea, stretch oil, bottom balm, happy feet soak, nipple cream, milkmaid tea and baby bath blossoms. I thought their presentation was beautifull and eye catching. I really wanted to carry their line in our store, but they didn't have upc codes yet and our store was just starting to get strict about this. Anyway, shortly after getting this package of goodies I realized I was pregnant and have since got to try many of the above mentioned items. Here goes my review. I love the bottom spray, nipple cream and booby tubes. The new momma bottom spray was very soothing and refreshing. It has a pleasant aroma that helps with the smelliness down there. I started using it a week or so after my son's birth and only wish I'd started sooner. My mother and friends warned me of unbearable nipple soarness when starting off with breastfeeding. I didn't experience this thanks in part to the nipple cream. I lathered it on continually the first few weeks. I've also tried a nipple butter by a company called Motherlove, but I much preferred Earth Mamma's. I like that it does not have lanolin. The booby tubes are great. I haven't seen anything like them. They are a cooling relief for engorgement and they also have a nice lavender scent. The third trimester and milkmaid teas have a tasty, minty, herbal taste. In my opinion the milkmaid tea is better tasting then the popular Mother's Milk by Traditional medicinals. I didn't try the morning wellness tea as I never did have morning sickness. I liked the stretch oil, but only had a small size, not enough to really see if it prevents stretch marks(I did get a lot of them). I have yet to try the happy feet and baby bath, but I'll be sure to let you know what I think when I do.
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