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Microfiber sling or pouch?

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Okay- this may be a really stupid question since I don't know anything about fabrics. I was talking to Dh the other day about getting him a new sling, since he has a KKAFP and it is too hot to wear it anymore. He asked if there was a sling or pouch made of microfiber that was slightly stretchy.

I asked him it he meant the kind of fabric that summer stretch capri pants are made of and he said yes. Has anyone made a sling with that kind of material? Is it strong enough for a sling/pouch? I would think that if would be perfect for a summer sling since the material is cool, lightweight and slightly stretchy.

Is there such a thing?

I knew that the experts here would have an answer.....
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When I think Capri I keep thinking %100 cotton Twill which does have a slight stretch to it. Anyone know of other, please point me in that direction... lol.

Edited to add: OK my bad... microfiber (from what I found) is %100 Polyester or sometimes poly/rayon. Is that what your thinking of? When i did a search I kept coming up with cleaning cloths... lol.
heres the link to a fabric place: http://www.fashionfabricsclub.com/ho...1&Viewby=Types
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try www.hotslings.com - they have a stretch fabric for pouches - I haven't gotten to try mine yet (it's on the way, hurray!), but they seem very nice and get raves here!
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i have the basic stretch pouch from hotslings (ahem, that's me and stella in the pink one) and it does have some stretch. i also have the kkafp and what i have learned is that nothing will be as stretchy as that and also be cool without being a fabric that gets too stretched out. email kristen at hotslings, she is very helpful!
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Rev. Jan makes ring slings from microfiber fabric. She sent me a sample of the fabric and it was very lightweight and cool (similar to the kind used in microfiber pants). I have a twill sling from her and it's great. The shoulder is very comfortable and the price is VERY reasonable! HTH!
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I have 2 hotslings- one stretchy and one non-stretchy. I love them but I also have a couple of ring slings and wanted an "all in one" for DH. I wanted the versitility of a ring sling.

Thanks, Sling Dad for the link!!!!!!! Now I have one on the way!!
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You're very welcome! Please tell us how you & your DH like it! IMO the SBP sling is the perfect first ring sling for dads (no fuss, comfortable, neutral colors, & cheap to boot! ).
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