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Gotta agree wiht you Peggy! It is quite a joy to be involved! Tahnk you EVERYONE for all of the input!

It isn't about right or wrong or who prefers what it is about making informed choices - It seems taht even if we don't agree on everything (what a boring worl THAT would be!) that we do agree on that point!

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PEGGY- is there a way to move this or post it in TAO or health and healing too. I think there are others who would be intrested in this but may not see it in pregnancy!
A reminder that moderation is the key.

:hi ppie j

edited to add: I know several moms including myself who eat soy and have healthy boys. But I don't do too much soy milk or fake meat soy products. The scary thing is my almost 3 yo son who loves soy milk. Guess I will be doing a major cutback on that!e
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agreed - moderation... And good suggestion on the health and healing thing too...
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I'll see what I can do!

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Ok...if I move it to health and healing it will disappear from here.
I'd Like to see it both places...

Mommy Storm Raven would you mind cutting and pasting your original post to a new thread in Health and Healing??

Thanks so much!!

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I think I can handle that one Peggy!
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It seems clear that processed foods of any kind are bad for you. There are a million studies that show how damaging overconsumption of dairy and animal products can be. The only answer can be moderate amounts of whatewver you choose to eat. I'm a vegetarian, ate what I perceive as way too much soy in first pregnancy. My baby was clearly allergic to soy at a very young age. But recently I started eating fish (only good quality) I'm about 5 months pregnant. I was doing fine with it (eating it quite often) and last week got violently ill form "high quality" expensive fish. Now I'm over that. There's toxicity everywhere unfortunately. Whole, unprocessed foods are the answer whether you eat animal products or not and soy is processed. It gets intimidating but I don't think there is any evidence that eating meat makes you healthier in general. Nobody knows what the perfect diet is because the scales tip all over in different directions as to pros and cons. Plus, everyone's bodies are obviously so different.

One tip off- when the FDA suggests eating two servings of soy a day you know there's something funky going on because they're almost always wrong (corrupt).
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Yeah - that is a good tip off!
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First off This in a Great disscussion thank you!
I had forgotten about this issue.. (placenta brain)..
I had just starting drinking more rice milk and trying to eat less soy dogs etc. but as soon as i got preg w/#2 it's like my body screamed GIVE ME MORNING STAR SAUSAGES!!!! I eat like 4 every morning with and egg ( I do eat fish and eggs) and I went right back to soy dream because of the protein. I 've had a heck of a time trying not to be happy go pukey, eating protein every 2 hours but now you got me wondering again.
thank you so much for the reminder and now I have tons more reading to do.
I did drink soy dream like a fiend and my ds is healthy and happy so far- he's 2 he's penis is fine as far as I can tell! .. I do give him rice dream thought instead of soy but he occationally has other soy stuff.
anyhoo thanks again.
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YOU'RE WELCOME! Glad I could be of help!
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Thanks for your helpful posts. I recently have increased my soy consumption to increase my protein intake. Though I probably have a serving daily to every other day. I had considered buying the whey protein as a protein drink but my first son actually had incredible dairy/whey/lactose sensitivity as a baby and I had to take out almost all dairy for the first five months that he breastfed. I didn't want to overconsume on the dairy end and cause more problems with this little one's digestive system. I guess again the emphasis needs to be on "Everything in Moderation!"
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I wish I would have read this and posted sooner...it seems like I always post when things are winding down.
My son was born with hypospadias and I rarely ate/drank soy and didn't take iron. Since we are meat eaters, soy has never made up a big part of our diet. Although with this pregnancy I have been making smoothies with soy protien powder to up my protien intake. Already our chances of having another boy born with hypospadias are somewhere around 30 percent. I see my midwife day after tomorrow, I'll talk to her about this. I had never heard the soy correlation, just the environmental ones. Thanks for the info!

Mommystormraven, have you had any personal experience with hypospadias yourself? I would love to share my hypospadias experience and hear others...I've never met anyone else who's been through it. Although there are a few moms here that have shared their experiences.

Also, I am glad that this is in the I'm pregnant forum. I had never heard of hypospadias before my son was born and it made it difficult to understand whether or not to believe everything the doctors tell you. If you're informed about it at least you will know that you have options outside of what the medical world tells you needs to be done.
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Call me a rebel - or another doubting 'Thomasina' - but even after reading this, I don't plan on eliminating soy from my diet...

I *have* read that some soy products contain phyto-oestrogen ... but do ALL? I'm not sure - I guess I'll have to do some more research on that ... What if you're buying organic soy products?

I'm also curious what has changed in the last 2 years [since that article was printed]?

There just seems to be far more evidence that a vegetarian diet IS the healthiest diet - including the soy products... and the the benefits far outweigh the risks.

I was recently speaking with a pediatrician regarding soy intake during pregancy - albeit as related to soy allergies - ultimately, he assured me that there were far more concerns with dairy products - as well as dairy products consumed while breastfeeding and consumed by children - causing allergies, ear infections, etc.

I do know that geographically, there are different concerns - i.e., in the UK, they recommend that women avoid eating peanuts during pregancy b/c of the high rate of peanut allergies there - this isn't the case in the US... We are encouraged to eat nuts as a source of protein. A couple of these articles are from NZ ... and I'm not familiar with 'The Dominion'

Also - a fellow meat-eater [SIL] was telling me that the same issues exist with a meat-eating diet b/c cattle fed the same hormones - she was talking about early menstruation, etc.

SO - If I have a choice - I'll choose the soy over beef, no question.

I would also be *sure* that rice milk is a good alternative to diary OR soy for a toddler... before making a quick switch - but that's just me.

All this aside - I do agree that this is an important issue and we should continue to be on top of it and encourage the manufacturers to create more *pure* foods.

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I *have* read that some soy products contain phyto-oestrogen ... but do ALL? I'm not sure - I guess I'll have to do some more research on that ... What if you're buying organic soy products?
Let me clarify this... Soy does NOT contain a phytoestrogen it IS a phytoestrogen.

As for beef I buy free range, certified vegetarian fed, NON-GMO beef products, and I usually eat Free range buffalo or ostritch so the GMO and hormones are NOT an issue for me becuase they arent' in the meat.

As far as organic soy - yes, it is better but not in that it isn't a phytoestrogen it is better becuase it is grown using non-pesticide modified seed and it isnt' sprayed with anythign toxic to you.

BTW I never said that soy should be *eliminated* from your diet, I just said that caution should be excercised in its use while you are PG or nursing - everythign in moderation is my philosophy. After all, we never know how this will effect the future generations we bear.
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Edited to clarify;

A quote from the article you posted:

Phyto-oestrogens are natural chemicals found in plants which have properties similar to oestrogen
So, they are saying that the hormone exists IN the Soybean plant.

Soybeans are not hormones... they are still plants.
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Just to add - I'll still choose a 'naturally occuring' plant hormone in my diet over beef or dairy treated with hormones...
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Precisely why I don't eat anythign treated with hormones - beef, dairy or plants that have hormones in them.

We eat all organinc non-gmo foods - no hormones anywhere.
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If you are eating any plants, even organic ones, you are consuming phyto-estrogens...
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And I don't eat vegetables for the most part - the most I ever eat is lettuce - tomatoes are fruits and the fruits do not contain enough of any estrogenic compound to be considered. Lets not make this a battle ground for "my opinion is more right than yours" It isn't I simply think that it is important to have the info available as many peopel are unaware that there is ANY risk at all in soy. Soy simply contains a greater amount of phytoestrogen than other plants and is thereforethe largest contributor to the problem. I don't tell you how to eat Zippity, don't tell me how I should.

I presented the info, gave the links in hopes that it would make people aware of some of the risks invloved in a high intake of soy durign a pregnancy or while nursing.

And if you will read my post clearly - I said atht I don't buy anythign TREATED with hormones not that I dont' eat anythign with hormones, I simply choose to eat those that ioccur naturally and in SMALL amounts not plants that the larger part of the chemical make up is a hormone.

You will have to forgive me if I do not remember the exact context of the articles I posted, my family and I have been through a great deal since that information was posted and I'm currently on anti depressents as a result so my memory is a bit hazy (look at my signature line and maybe you will understand why Zippity .
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Wow - I didn't think there was any battling going on - I simply felt it necessary to clarify things... I would never tell anyone how to eat - I certainly never said anyone *should* eat one thing or the other! Sorry if you read it that way.

I just didn't want any vegetarians to get suddenly alarmed... I personally need some more evidence for *me* to make any dietary changes.

As an open forum, I was only trying to challenge a few concepts - I think you have to do that just a little before making any hasty decisions regarding something as important as nutrition during pregnancy. I *hope* we can all continue to do that here...?

Anyway - didn't mean to upset anyone... and as I said before,

'All this aside - I do agree that this is an important issue and we should continue to be on top of it and encourage the manufacturers to create more *pure* foods.'

Take care! ~Zip
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